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45th Algonquian conference


Cherry Meyer (University of Chicago) Basic word order and information structure in Ojibwe

Yuliya Manyakina (McGill) The Role of -ew in Mi’gmaq

Gretchen McCulloch (McGill) Mi’gmaq -asi as a middle voice marker

The semantics of Blackfoot internal argumentsRose-Marie Dechaine (UBC) A comparison of locative PPs in Blackfoot and Plains Cree

Conor McDonough Quinn and Arthur Haines  (University of Maine-Orono, Delta Institute of Natural History)

Recovering natural history designata in the Northeast: interdisciplinary efforts in ecological linguistics

Conor McDonough Quinn (University of Maine-Orono) Problems and prospects in the Penobscot Dictionary

Sarah Lundquist and Monica Macaulay (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Expressions of location and direction in Menominee

Claude Gélinas and Yves Bouchard (Université de Sherbrooke) An epistemological framework for indigenous knowledge

Natalie Weber and Lisa Matthewson (UBC) The semantics of Blackfoot internal arguments

Natalie Weber and Martina Wiltschko (UBC) Multiple locative sites in Blackfoot

Amy Dahlstrom (University of Chicago) Seeking consensus on the fundamentals of Algonquian word order

Sarah E. Murray (Cornell University) Cheyenne connectives

Carol Rose Little (McGill)  Evidentiality in Mig’maq

Meredith Johnson (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Wh-scope marking in Menominee

Meredith Johnson & Bryan Rosen (University of Wisconsin-Madison) On Menominee verb stems and the non-complexity of verb finals

Lynn Drapeau (UQAM) Relational verbs in Montagnais (Innu)

Allan Sherwin (McGill) The effective herbal therapy of Algonquian women

Kathleen Strader (University of Manitoba) Michif discontinuous DP handout Michif Discontinuous elements slides

Michael David Hamilton (McGill) An account of verbal person suffixes

Arok Wolvengrey (First Nations University of Canada) iyaw! Whoever Talks about (Cree) Interjections (handout)

iyaw! Whoever Talks about (Cree) Interjections (Powerpoint)

Brandon Fry (University of Ottawa) & Michael David Hamilton (McGill) Long-distance agreement in Mi’gmaq and Ojibwe: towards a comparative study

Tanya Slavin (McGill) Possessive Noun Incorporation in Oji-Cree






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