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Project brochure

This research project traces and describes the movement of Canadian writing (fiction and non-fiction) into Latin America via translation.

It examines the scope of this cultural transfer, the trajectories along which it moves, the agents and networks that promote it, and the images of Canada circulated as a result.

It starts from the premise that translation is the motor of the intercultural/cross-cultural exchange of texts, a deliberate act set in motion by various forces in order to transfer texts and ideas between languages and cultures.

Very little is known or has been published on the movement of Canadian writing into Latin America, and the contribution to knowledge will therefore be considerable, and of special interest not only for Translation Studies, Canadian Studies, Comparative Literature and related disciplines but for all sectors interested in cultural exchange, cultural studies, and knowledge transfer.

A database with the details of nearly 1000 translations (into Spanish and Portuguese) will be available online in early fall of 2012, for shared use. However, until we have it up and running, quantitative reports (related to issues dealing specifically with language, genre, geography, funding, gender, etc.) can already be requested. In addition, a guest user account is available upon request for those interested in perusal of the database.

Furthermore, because this is a constant work in progress, we are open to receiving additional information concerning translations, translators, publishers, etc. in order to complement the continued growth of the database.

For specific database research queries, please contact Maria Mirassol at infocanlit@gmail.com.