Call for Papers

The Canadian Literature Symposium

Department of English, University of Ottawa

May 4-6, 2018

Kanada Koncrete: Material Poetries in the Digital Age

How have digital technologies changed the way we create and understand poetry and ‘the poetic’? How, in particular, have the new media conditioned the production and dissemination of material(ist) forms of poetic art, whether established or emergent? How have practitioners taken advantage of the multi-media possibilities of the internet and social media, the productive and reproductive possibilities of digitization, the computerization of inscription and composition in three dimensions? Have we finally achieved the necessary conditions for a truly ‘verbi-voco-visual’ work, the one-time dream of the modernist avant-garde?

At the very least we can say that something has changed in the manner we make and encounter poetry. Even so, critical tools for discussing new forms of poetry as well as the changed circumstances affecting existent works and practices are wanting. So, too, is there a critical vacuum with respect to the role of technology and digitization in modes of oral and performance-based poetries. “Kanada Koncrete: Material Poetries in the Digital Age” hopes to address these gaps, among others. The symposium will take place over three days, May 4-6 2018, at the University of Ottawa.

We seek papers and artist’s talks related to the preceding and to any of the following topics (presentations with a Canadian focus will be especially welcome):

  • sound poetry and sonic experiments
  • visual concrete
  • poetry in performance 
  • transcorporeal poetics
  • animated poetry/ video poems
  • poetry and social media
  • web-based and digital poetries
  • poetry and comics 
  • treated texts
  • illustrated poetic texts
  • poetry and photography
  • artists’ books
  • poetry installations
  • poetics of ‘the found’ 
  • activist poetries
  • electronic distribution
  • collecting and archiving non-print poetry
    teaching poetry ‘off the page’

Please submit a 300-word proposal and a short biographical statement to Robert Stacey before September 25, 2017.

Contact Robert Stacey at