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Graduate Students

Graduate students who are interested in language processing are encouraged to apply to our program. We are currently considering applications from students to work on language processing in adults or children, on topics related to speech perception, speech production, spoken word production, and other topics related to psycholinguistics. Please email Tania Zamuner at tzamuner@uottawa.ca to discuss interests and possible projects.


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate volunteers at the CCLR take on a wide variety of tasks. They may be directly involved with research through coding and transcribing collected data, or through testing participants. Other tasks have an interpersonal focus, such as childcare for participating families during testing, contacting families to set up appointments, or staffing our booth at conventions and trade shows. Volunteers also participate in our regular lab meetings, whether becoming familiar with the important journals and research in the field, discussing methodological concerns for an upcoming experiment, or learning how to make balloon animals. If you’re interested in volunteering with the Centre, send an email to cclr@uottawa.ca.