Welcome to CEESRG!

The Central and Eastern European Studies Research Group (CEESRG) is  hosted by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. It brings together scholars from literature, theatre studies, film studies, women’s and gender studies, history, Jewish studies, diaspora and intercultural studies pertaining to the geographic area of Central and Eastern Europe. The work of this group aims to highlight the importance of research conducted in these fields at the University of Ottawa and in collaboration with colleagues from other universities. We wish to draw attention in Canada to what is a dynamic and rapidly changing geographic area, which still remains little known and unstudied, and to demonstrate the many historical and cultural links between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and their numerous contributions to the cultural and scholarly mosaic in Canada and North America. We want to challenge the existing geographic and disciplinary boundaries that divide the region, and to strengthen and expand links with the diplomatic community of Ottawa and with fellow scholars at other universities in Canada, and across the world.

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