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Volume 37 OPL (2013)

Numéro 37 CLO | Volume 37 OPL


Èdson Reis Meira

(Université d’Ottawa) (pp. 1-21)
L’imparfait grec ancien et l’imparfait fran&cceli;ais

Javier Carol & Andrés Pablo Salanova

(Universidad de Buenos Aires/Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento & University of Ottawa) (pp. 22-42)
On pseudo-applicatives

Joseph Roy

(University of Ottawa) (pp. 43-62)
The GO-Past in Catalan: The effects of grammaticalization on tense, modality and aspect

Résumés de Thèses / Dissertation Abstracts

Dana Geber (2011)
Romanian Dative Clitic Dependencies in Raising Constructions, PhD Dissertation.

Ladan Hamedani (2011)
The Function of Number in Persian, PhD Dissertation.

Peyman Nojoumian (2011)
Towards the Development of an Automatic Diacritizer for the Persian Orthography based on the Xerox Finite State Transducer, PhD Dissertation.

Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi (2012)
Processing Compound Verbs in Persian, PhD Dissertation.

Viktor Kharlamov (2012)
Incomplete Neutralization and Task Effects in Experimentally-elicited Speech: Evidence from the Production and Perception of Word-final Devoicing in Russian, PhD Dissertation.

Sonia Pritchard (2012)
A Cross-language Study of the Production and Perception of Palatalized Consonants, PhD Dissertation.