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Numéro 34 CLO (2006)

Avant-propos | Foreword



Catherine Anderson (McMaster University) (pp. 1-10)
Context and the Real-time Comprehension of Scope Ambiguity

Chiu-Hung Chen (University of Ottawa) (pp. 11-24)

Chinese L2 Learners’ Use of Structural and Lexical Information in Processing English Subject and Object Relative Clauses

Alain Desrochers (University of Ottawa) (pp. 25-34)
OMNILEX – Une Base de Données sur le Lexique du Français Contemporain

Nigel Duffield, Ayumi Matsuo, & Danijela Stojanović (University of Sheffield, McGill University) (pp. 35-46)
The processing of French ‘medial causative’ constructions

Dana Geber (University of Ottawa) (pp. 47-62)
Processing Subject Pronouns in Relation to Non-Canonical (Quirky) Constructions

Keiko Kaku (University of Ottawa) (pp. 63-74)
Second Language Learners’ Use of English Articles- A Case Study of Native Speakers of Japanese

Abdessatar Mahfoudhi (University of Ottawa) (pp. 75-86)

Abstractness in Lexical Processing- How far could we go


Susana Perales, Juana Liceras, & Aurora Bel (University of Ottawa, Universitat Pompeu Fabra) (pp. 87-98)
Some Remarks on the Realization of the Realis:Irrealis Opposition in Child Language- Towards a Universal Characterization of the Root Infinitive Stage Across Languages

Rocío Pérez Tattam (University of Ottawa) (pp. 99-108)
Control in L2 English and Spanish- More on grammar at the syntax-semantic interface

Marie-Claude Tremblay (University of Ottawa) (pp. 109-120)
Cross-Linguistic Influence in Third Language Acquisition- The Role of L2 Proficiency and L2 Exposure

Neil Wick (University of Ottawa) (pp. 121-134)
Words in the mind of the individual and the community- De facto standardization of the lexicon