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Black US-America and Spain: Shared Memories in the 20th Century

Proposals are invited for the collection of essays titled Black US-America and Spain: Shared Memories in the Twentieth Century. During the 20th-century Black America and Europe shared a fundamental and well documented relationship. Scholars have analyzed, for example, the impact on the European avant-garde by the vibrant black US culture, particularly jazz, that flourished during the Harlem Renaissance. While it is true that this undeniable transatlantic connection during the “Roaring Twenties” has been acknowledged, it is also true that this acknowledgment has concentrated mainly on France. Scholarship focusing on the relationship between Spain and African-Americans, however, not only has been scarce, but has also failed to show that the relationship extended beyond the 1920s and recurred at different times throughout the 20th-century. It is irrefutable, though, that Spaniards and African-Americans share significant cultural memories forged by the profound impact that various artistic and historical events have had on each other. This book intends to explore these reciprocal and bi-directional cultural and intellectual exchanges by bringing together scholars from the fields of Hispanic, African-American, and English Studies. Suggested subjects are the Harlem Renaissance and Spain’s Avant-Guard; Spain’s Civil War and African-American intellectuals; relationships between Spanish and African-American writers and artists; visions of Spain in the writings of African-American authors; representation of Black America in Spanish media and literature; the transnational impact of musical genres such as jazz and hip-hop on Spain’s popular culture. Send 500 word-abstracts and cv for pre-selection to Rosalía Cornejo (rosalia.cornejo-parriego@uottawa.ca) by April 1st, 2016. Selection of proposals will be confirmed by April 29th. Final acceptance will be based on completed articles, which are due by December 1st, 2016.