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Many thanks to all those who participated in my survey and, thereby, contributed to the collection of data necessary for the completion of my study!

Thesis title
Analyse comparative de la couverture et de l’acceptabilité des solutions d’un dictionnaire bilingue spécialisé, d’une banque de données terminologiques et d’un concordancier en ligne : application au domaine de la traduction médicale

This study reports on the usefulness of three resources for the medical translator, namely Gladstone’s English-French dictionary of medical and paramedical sciences, TERMIUM Plus®, the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank, and WeBiText, an online concordancer, on the basis of a comparative analysis of their coverage and the level of acceptability of the solutions they offer. Unlike other studies, this research adopts a two-fold approach combining quantitative and qualitative perspectives. From a set of translation problems drawn from a corpus of eight scientific paper abstracts from Canadian medical journals, we demonstrate that WeBiText’s “Health” corpus has a 62% coverage rate, while that of TERMIUM Plus® is 37% and Gladstone’s is 30%. We also show that the concordancer provides roughly twice as many solutions as the other two resources. In addition, data collected through an online survey of 88 language professionals indicates that the solutions found in WeBiText are equally acceptable as those provided by TERMIUM Plus®, while Gladstone’s are often considered unacceptable. We conclude that Web parallel corpora have a better coverage than traditional resources and that they offer a broader range of unique and suitable solutions, particularly for the translation of highly specialized medical texts.

The full text is available at the following address: http://www.ruor.uottawa.ca/en/handle/10393/24929

Thank you again!

Tanya Simard
B.Sc., D.E.S.S., M.A.