Ulukhaktok Report

Community Concerns About Cruise Ship Tourism
A selection of local residents from Ulukhaktok were interviewed in 2010 about concerns with cruise tourism in the community. Benefits were also identified and included: potential for economic income, opportunity to share Inuit culture and traditions, and opportunity to create friendships with visitors.
Action Plans and Ideas: Where Should We Go From Here? 

 - Risk of Garbage and Sewage Dumping

 - Air Pollution from Ships Fuel and Cooking

 - Ships Disturbing Marine Wildlife

- Ships Showing up Unannounced

- Ship Passengers Bringing Illness to the Community

- Oil or Fuel Leaking into the Marine Environment

- Safety of Passengers (search and rescue capabilities)

- Little Economic Benefit to the Community (few sales and mostly small items)

Action Plans and Ideas: Where Should We Go From Here?
There are several action plans listed below that can be implemented to deal with community concerns (some are already underway). As shipping increases in the Canadian Arctic the need for laws and regulations is also increasing. Other regions that have a more established Arctic cruise industry have a formal representative body that offers information, guidelines and voluntary policies for operators, which directly support community interests (i.e. Scandanavia – Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators: AECO). This sort of organization does not currently exist in Arctic Canada.
Action Plans:
- Improve Communication Between Ships and Communities
- Provide Tourism and Entrepreneur Training Opportunities for Local Residents
- Invest in Local Infrastructure to Support Tourism Economy

 - Improve Emergency Preparedness and Search and Rescue Capabilities

- Improve Arctic Charting and Navigation Systems

- Develop and Disseminate a “Community Handbook” of Cruise Ship Regulations

- Introduce Inuit Environmental/Wildlife Monitors On-Board Ships

- Hold Regional Arctic Cruise Policy Workshop

- Consider Developing Additional Arctic Cruise Regulations and Appointing a Dedicated Governing Authority