Diversity and Equity Research Group

Based on collaborative and interdisciplinary research experience through the Ottawa Multicultural Media Initiative (OMMI), a SSHRC-funded Partnership Development Grant, the Diversity and Equity Research Group (DERG) wishes to consolidate the existence of an interdisciplinary research group based at the Faculty of Arts dedicated to advancing the study and understanding of issues related to diversity and equity. Established in 2012, the mandate of the DERG is to take an interdisciplinary perspective within a social justice framework to:

1. Understand the challenges and opportunities that minority and marginalized groups face within Canadian society, including groups such as visible minorities, immigrant and ethnic communities, under-served communities, aboriginal peoples, seniors, and LGBT among others;

2. Shed light on the processes of discrimination and marginalization that lead to the unequal treatment of these groups, including through societal structures and institutions, media and representations, everyday experiences, service provision and access to services, the labour market, and so forth;

3. Advance understanding of the intersections between age, ethnicity/race, gender, class, sexuality, religion, and so on, in the processes and experiences of marginalization of these groups;

4. Promote dialogue between scholars, practitioners, and policy makers on the above issues related to diversity and equity; and

5. Disseminate academic knowledge and contribute to the development of socially inclusive policy on issues related to diversity and equity.

Objectives 4 and 5 are aimed to further consolidate the University’s links to communities in Ottawa and beyond.