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Create your own path and become a difference maker. The new Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Social Innovation Option at the Faculty of Arts is a microprogram that you can add to your program of study. You will take three introductory business courses and three specialized, experiential, problem-based courses in Arts (AHL). These courses will be experiential, problem-based classes that will give you training in entrepreneurial. This option will give you an advantage in your arts degree because it provides diversity in experience, training, and networking.

The new option in Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Social Innovation (ECSI) is a transdisciplinary microprogram in which BA students can integrate 18 credits (3 courses at Telfer and 3 courses in Arts) into their program and gain training, mentoring, and experience in entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Students take three courses at Telfer which serve as an introduction to business and entrepreneurship:

ADM1101/1100 – Social Context of Business / Introduction to Business Management

ADM2313 – The Entrepreneurial Society

ADM3313 – New Venture Creation

Three new ECSI Arts courses have been designed to introduce students to working at start ups or non-profits, problem-based group projects, diversity,

AHL 2300: Introduction to Community Engagement

AHL3300 – Creativity and Innovation

​​​​​​​AHL4310/4910 – Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Lab