ERP Bootcamp and PsychoShorts

ERP Bootcamp and Psycholinguistics Shorts

Featuring Dr. Steven Luck

February 22-25

Desmarais Building Room 1140

University of Ottawa

Organized by Dr. Laura Sabourin’s ERPLing Lab


Registration will take place in front of Room 1140 of the Desmarais Building (55 Laurier Avenue East)

Useful information for arrival, registration, accommodation, and dining during the workshop and conference can be found here (correction: bus fare is $3.40)

The ERP Bootcamp and PsychoShorts schedule can be found here

An  online book of abstracts can be found here


Registration for ERP Bootcamp is now closed.

Registration for PsychoShorts is possible on the day of the event.



The ERP technique involves measuring real-time changes in the continuous EEG signal in response to a psychological stimulus event, such as a presented human face, an unexpected sound, or a semantically anomalous word. Due to the excellent temporal resolution of ERPs, this technique is ideal for investigating the time-course of language processing, which is known to occur at the level of milliseconds. As such, ERPs have the potential to help isolate the different underlying processes that are occurring during language comprehension and production. Although ERPs are a great tool that can be used to answer many different research questions, studies must be carefully designed and caution must be used when interpreting the data acquired, since the functional significance of ERP waveforms is not easy to determine. By asking the right questions, however, it is possible to learn a lot about the neural processing of language.


We invite you to join Dr. Laura Sabourin’s ERPLing Lab for a 3-day ERP Bootcamp given by the leading authority on ERP research, Dr. Steven Luck!


The bootcamp will be followed by our annual Psycholinguistics Shorts (PsychoShorts) Conference (featuring Dr. Janet van Hell as Keynote Speaker) on the 25th, which will give faculty and students an opportunity to present their own research.


We welcome researchers of all fields, levels, and degrees of ERP experience to join us in learning all there is to know about ERP basics!


Important Dates
ERP Bootcamp (February 22-24, 2017)

- Priority registration for participants from Canadian Universities: until December 15, 2016

- Early bird registration for Canadian and International participants: until January 30, 2017
- Final registration deadline (space permitting): February 12, 2017

PsychoShorts (February 24-25, 2017)

- Abstract submission deadline: January 22, 2017
- Notification of acceptance: February 1, 2017

- Registration deadline: at event


Registration Fees for ERP Bootcamp
– By January 30, 2017 – $90 faculty/$70 non-faculty

-         After January 30, 2017 – $150 faculty/$100 non-faculty

-         PsychoShorts conference: Free with registration to ERP Bootcamp ( $40 faculty/$25 non-faculty otherwise)


For information, contact the Bootcamp Team (