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August 2016, Lab member Myriam Lapierre has been accepted for a PhD program at UC Berkeley. Best of luck, Myriam!

June 2016, PhD student Santa Vīnerte will be returning to Japan to collect more data for her dissertation.

August 2015, Lab member Aysegul Kutlu has completed her Master’s degree at Carleton University, and is now at the University of Florida for her PhD. Best of luck Aysegul!



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Sabourin, L., Leclerc, J-C., Lapierre,M., Burkholder, M., Brien, C. will be presenting at CLA 2016 in Calgary, Canada.

Joy Li and colleagues; Michele Burkholder; and Sameer Ratti all presented great posters at PsychoShorts Conference 2016!


Vīnerte, S. (2015). Bilingual cognitive control and language processing. Talk presented to Research Seminar at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Kobe, Japan.

Vīnerte, S. (2015). Bilingual cognitive control: the Stroop and ANT tasks. Talk presented to 4th Year Zemi at Konan University, Kobe, Japan.


Our lab member Santa Vīnerte presented a poster in Edinburgh, UK (AMLaP). You can download the poster here AMLaP poster!


Our lab director Dr. Laura Sabourin was awarded SSHRC for the project The Bilingual Mental Lexicon: The Role of Age of Acquisition and Proficiency .




OLBI/ILOB hosted the 2016 CCERBL Conference: Bilingualism where Laura Sabourin organized a symposium entitled: Quantifying Types of Bilingualism. Thank you to the presenters: Shanna Kousaie (McGill University), Jean-Christophe Leclerc, Myriam Lapierre, and Michele Burkholder (University of Ottawa), Jeffrey Steele (University of Toronto), and Vanessa Taler (University of Ottawa)

PsychoShorts 2016 was a great success, thank you for all those who participated!  Photos coming soon!


Our lab director Dr. Laura Sabourin was the local organizer for CLA 2015, and our very own PhD Candidate Santa Vīnerte was the Editor of the Conference Proceedings.

Our lab was well-represented at the 10th International Symposium on Bilingualism at Reutgers, New Jersey, with presentations by  Lapierre,M., Sabourin, L., Burkholder, M., Brien, C., & Leclerc, J-C.,;  Santa Vīnerte; and Michele Burkholder


Our lab was well-represented at CLA 2014 at Brock University with presentations by Laura Sabourin et al.,; and Christie Brien.