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Translation Effects: The Making of Contemporary Canadian Culture and Translation, ed. with Kathy Mezei and Sherry Simon, University of Ottawa Press, forthcoming 2013.

Translating Women 2, ed. with Farzaneh Farahzad, in development.



Translating Women, ed., University of Ottawa Press, 2011.




Translating Canada: The Institutions and Influences of Cultural Transfer. Canadian Writing in German/y. eds. Luise von Flotow and Reingard Nischik,  University of Ottawa Press, 2007

The Third Shore. Women’s Fiction  from East/Central Europe (coeditor with Agatha Schwartz), Northwestern University Press, 2006

The Politics of Translation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, co-editor with Daniel Russell and Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, University of Ottawa Press, 2001


Translation and Gender. Translation in The Era of Feminism, (Manchester, St. Jerome Publishing and Ottawa, University of Ottawa Press), 1997.


»      Croatian translation. Rod I Prijevod.  Josip Bencevic I Partneri, 2005.

»     Chinese translation. Copyright 2002. Shanghai Foreign Languages Education Press



Academic Publications

Chapters in books

“Translating Women: From Recent Histories to ‘Queerying’ Translation to Metramorphic Approaches,” translated into Portuguese in Tradução e Relações de Poder eds. Rosvitha Friesen Blume and Patricia Peterle, at the Presses of Universidad federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil, accepted for publication.

“June 2007: Quebec Politicians Debate a Bill to Impose Strict Controls on Audiovisual Translation, And Fail to Pass It”, in Translation Effects: The Making of Contemporary Canadian Culture, ed. Luise von Flotow, Kathy Mezei, Sherry Simon, forthcoming UOttawa Press, 2012.

“Thirty Years of Canadian Writing in German: Trends in Institutionalization, Translation and reception: 1967-2000,” in Canadian Studies: The State of the Art/Erudes canadiennes: Questions de recherché, eds. Klaus Dieter Ertler, Stewart Gill, Susan Hodgett, Patrick James,  Frankfurt, Berlin, Vienna: Peter Lang, 465-482.

“Ulrike Meinhof: Translated, De-fragmented, and Re-membered” in Translating Women, ed. Luise von Flotow, UOttawa Press, 2011, 135-150.

“Gender en vertaalpraktijk” translation into Dutch of “Gender and the Practice of Translation”, Ch. 1 of Gender and Translation. Translation in the ‘Era of Feminism,’ in Denken over vertalen: tekstboek vertaalwetenschap (‘Thinking about Translation: Translation Studies Textbook’, edited by Ton Naaijkens, Cees Koster, Henri Bloemen and Caroline Meijer, Nijmegen: Vantilt, second edition, Nijmegen: Vantilt 2010, p. 249-262.

“Woman-handling the Text: Gender in Translation and Translation Criticism,” in Escritura y Comunicación, eds. Alejandro Parini and Alicia Zorrilla, Buenos Aires: Editorial Teseo, 2009, 163-178.

“Frenching the Feature Film, Twice – Or le synchronien au débat,” in Jorge Díaz Cintas (ed.) New Trends in Audiovisual Translation. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, 2009, p.86-102.

“Thirty Odd Years of Canadian Writing in German: Trends in Institutionalization, Translation, and Reception, 1967-2000”,  Traduire depuis les marges/Translating from the Margins, Éditions Nota bene, Quebec, 2008, 313-339.


“Translating ‘High’ Literature for Public Diplomacy,” in Viajes, identidades, imperios. Imaginarios ingleses en cultura, literatura y traddución. Miguel Angel Montezanti (editor). Tomo I. La Plata: Universidad Nacional de La Plata, 2007, 77-94. http://artsites.uottawa.ca/flotow/doc/Translating-High-Literature3.pdf

“Translation and Gender Paradigms: From Identities to Pluralities”, The Companion to Translation Studies, eds. Piotr Kuhiwczak and Karin Littau, Multilingual Matters, London, UK, 2007, 92-107. http://artsites.uottawa.ca/flotow/doc/Ch6_Gender_and_Translation3.pdf


“The Strain of Cultural Transfer: A Brazilian Critic of Canadian and Other Feminisms” in Perspectivas Transnacionais, Belo Horizonte , Brazil , UFMG, 2005, 31-41.

Tracing the Context of Translation: The Example of Gender in Gender, Sex and Translation: Manipulation of Identities , ed. Jose Santaemilia, St. Jerome, Manchester, UK, 2005, 39-51. http://artsites.uottawa.ca/flotow/doc/Gender_Sex_and_Translation3.pdf

Feminist Translation: Contexts, Practices and Theories, originally published in TTR, 1991. in translation into Slovene, Translation Studies Anthology, ed. Gorzad Trusnovec, Student Publ. House, Ljubljana, SLO, 2002. http://artsites.uottawa.ca/flotow/doc/FeministTranslation.pdf

Translation and Gender: Developments, Contemporary Developments in Translation Studies, ed. Karin Littau et al., Multilingual Matters, London, UK,  2007.

Julia Evelina Smith, traductrice de la Bible: ‘Doing more than any man has ever done.’, in Portraits de traductrices, ed. Jean Delisle (Ottawa, University of Ottawa Press), 2002. http://artsites.uottawa.ca/flotow/doc/Portraits_des_traductrices.pdf

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Translation Effects: How Beauvoir Talks About Sex in English, in Contingent Loves. Simone de Beauvoir and Sexuality, ed. Melanie Hawthorne (Richmond, University Press Virginia) 2000, 13-33. http://artsites.uottawa.ca/flotow/doc/Contingent_loves.pdf

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Mutual Pun-ishment? Feminist Wordplay in Translation: Mary Daly in German, in Traductio: Essays on Punning and Translation, ed. Dirk Delabastita, (Manchester, St. Jerome Publishing and Namur, Presses universitaires de Namur) 1998, 45-66. http://artsites.uottawa.ca/flotow/doc/Traductio.pdf

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Translating Women of the Eighties: Eroticism, Anger, Ethnicity, in Culture in Transit, ed. Sherry Simon, (Montreal, Vehicule Press) 1995, 31-46.


Papers in refereed journals

“Upgrading the Downgraded” a response to Lawrence Venuti,” in The Iowa Review, November 2011, http://iowareview.uiowa.edu/?q=page/upgrading_the_downgraded


“Translating Women: From Histories and Re-translations to ‘Queerying’ Translation and Metramorphosis” in Quaderns, Barcelona, Spain, accepted for publication October 2011

Which French does Hollywood Speak in Quebec? The sociopolitics of dubbing for francophone Quebec,Quebec Studies, special issue on translation in Quebec, 2011, 27-45.

Contested Gender in Translation: Intersectionality and Metramorphics,” in Palimpsestes, Sorbonne, Institut du monde anglophone, No. 22, 2009, p. 245-255.

« Which French does Hollywood Speak in Quebec? The sociopolitics of dubbing for francophone Quebec, » Quebec Studies, special issue on translation in Quebec,  October 2008.

« This time « The translation is true »: On Re-translation, with the Help of Beauvoir, » in French Studies, forthcoming, 2009.

« The (Globalized) Three Amigos: Translating and Disseminating HIV/AIDS Prevention Discourse, » TTR, Vol.XVIII, 2, 2005, 193-207 (appearing Spring 2007).

Kanadische Belletristik in Deutschland – Romane als potentielle Kulturdiplomaten? co-author Oeding Brita in Internationales Archiv fur Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur, Sonderdruck, 29.Bd . 2. Heft , ed. Bachleitner, N. et al, Niemeyer,  2004. http://artsites.uottawa.ca/flotow/doc/Niemeyer3.pdf

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Sacrificing Sense to Sound: Mimetic Translation and Feminist Writing, Bucknell Review 2, special issue on translation and culture, ed. Katharina Faull, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, forthcoming 2003.

Gender and Translation: The Story Goes On, Orées, on-line journal at http://orees.concordia.ca/numero2/essai/Von Flotow.html, Vol. 2, 2002

Shaking Out Worms: Literal Translation and Emine Sevgi Özdamar’s Turkish-German ‘Halbsprache’, forthcoming in Migrant Cartographies, University of Amsterdam, 2002

Women, Bibles, Ideologies, Introduction to special issues on ‘ideologies and translation’, TTR, 2001, 9-20.

Life is a Caravanserai: Translating Translated Marginality, a Turkish-German Zwittertext in English, Meta, March 2000, 65-72.

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A Generation after Experimental Feminist Writing in Quebec, Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien, (Verlag Franz Fischer:Augsburg Germany), 1995.


Encyclopedia Entries

« Gender and Translation, » in The Encyclopedia of Translation Studies, ed. Mona Baker, Routledge, second edition, 2008.

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