Membership of the Society

The Society is composed of an Executive Board (maximum nine people) and a General Membership.

Executive Board:

PRESIDENT (elected to a two- or three-year term)
SECRETARY-TREASURER (elected to a two- or three-year term)
MEMBERS-AT-LARGE (up to 6, elected to indefinite terms)
HONORARY LIFETIME MEMBER (Professor Eric Gans, elected at inaugural meeting)

General Membership

Annual membership fees are established at each year’s business meeting, payable in either $USD or $CDN (or equivalent foreign currency).  One fee is for working people, and another for students and underemployed, retired or independent scholars.  The Secretary-Treasurer maintains an up-to-date membership list.

Conference registration fees are set by the Chief Organiser of each year’s GASC conference.

Benefits of Membership include
[1] the opportunity to support the aims of  GASC, 
[2] voting rights in GASC and
[3] a discount on conference registration fees.