Membership of the Society

The Society is composed of an Executive Board and a General Membership.

Executive Board:

PRESIDENT (elected to a two- or three-year term)
SECRETARY-TREASURER (elected to a two- or three-year term)
MEMBERS-AT-LARGE (elected to indefinite terms)
HONORARY LIFETIME MEMBER (Professor Eric Gans, elected at inaugural meeting)

General Membership

Annual membership fees are established at each year’s business meeting, payable in either $USD or $CDN (or equivalent foreign currency).  One fee is for working people, and another for students and underemployed, retired or independent scholars.  The Secretary-Treasurer maintains an up-to-date membership list.

Conference registration fees are set by the Chief Organiser of each year’s GASC conference.

Benefits of Membership include
[1] the opportunity to support the aims of  GASC,
[2] voting rights in GASC and
[3] a discount on conference registration fees.