Past Conferences

2018: “Generative Anthropology and Transdisciplinary Inquiry:  Religion, Science,                           Language, Culture.”  Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Warsaw, Poland.                         Chief Organiser:  Professor Magdalena Zlocka-Dabrowska.

2017: “Pre-Human, Human, Post-Human: GA and Mimetic Theory in Conversation with                Cognitive Studies.”  Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden.  Chief Organiser:                  Professor Marina Ludwigs.

2016: “Cultural Universals, Cultural Specifics and Globalization: On the Applicability of                  Generative Anthropology.”  Kinjo Gakuin University, Nagoya, Japan.  Chief                            Organiser:  Professor Matthew Taylor.

2015: “Models and the Human, Analog and Digital.”  High Point University, North                            Carolina, USA.  Chief Organiser:  Professor Matthew Schneider.

2014: “Deferral, Discipline, Knowledge.”  University of Victoria, Victoria, British                                Columbia, Canada.  Chief Organiser:  Professor Richard Van Oort.

2013: “Putting the Human Back into the Humanities.”  University of California, Los                          Angeles, California, USA.  Chief Organisers: Stacey Meeker, Professor Ian Dennis.

2012: “Apocalypse, Utopia and Cultural Change.”  International Christian University,                      Tokyo, Japan.  Chief Organiser:  Professor Andrew Bartlett.

2011: “An Anthropology of Exchange: The Market Model of Human Society.”  High Point                University, North Carolina, USA.  Chief Organiser:  Professor Matthew Schneider.

2010: “The Anthropology of Modernity: The Sacred, Science and Aesthetics.”                                      Westminister College, Salt Lake City and Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah,                USA.  Chief Organisers:  Professor Peter Goldman and Professor Robert Hudson.

2009: “The Question of Transcendence:  The Sacred, the Human and Modern Culture.”                 University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Chief Organiser:  Professor Ian Dennis.

2008: “Esthetic History and Knowledge of the Human.”  Chapman University, Orange,                   California, USA.  Chief Organiser:  Professor Matthew Schneider.

2007: “Generative Anthropology Thinking Event.”  University of British Columbia and                    Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Chief                      Organiser:  Professor Andrew Bartlett.

1990: “Generative Anthropology: Origin and Representation.”  University of California,                  Los Angeles, California, USA.  Chief Organiser:  Professor Eric Gans.