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Radio Interview with Katfish Morgan and Dave Schellenberg, Startup, Live 88,5 FM, Topic: prisoners and journalism (2013, January 8).


Radio Interview with Karen McHarg, World Wide Waves, CHUO 89,1FM, Topic: prisoners and journalism (2012, November 29).

Radio Interview with Karen McHarg World Wide Waves, CHUO 89,1FM, Topic: Community radio funding (2012, November 1).

Radio interview with Alan Neal on All in a day, CBC, Does a live audience make you laugh at your TV? (2012, November 1)

Radio interview with Mathieu Grégoire from Boréal Express, Radio-Canada, première chaîne. Une
couverture trop présente?
[Interview about the media coverage of the tuition protests in Quebec] (2012, May 25).

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