Selected Publications

Chapters in books

Bonin, G. A & Bonneville, L. (Eds.). (2012). Méthodologie du journalisme en ligne, pp. 247-308. In Degand, A. & Grevisse, B. (Eds.). Le journalisme en ligne,  Bruxelles : De Boeck ,  coll. info&Com.

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Raboy, M. & Bonin, G. A. (2008). From culture to business to culture: Shifting winds at the CRTC. In Moll, M. & L. Regan Shade (Eds.). For sale to the highest bidder: Telecom policy in Canada. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, p.61-69.

Papers in refereed Journals

Bonin, G. A. (2012). Accountability in the commercial radio sector : Lessons from Canada, Observatorio, 6 (2), OBS* e-journal is a quarterly academic publication in the field of Communication Studies

Bonin, G. A. (2011). Lessons from Canada: proposed methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of broadcasting policies. Medien Journal, the double-blind, peer-reviewed quarterly journal of the Austrian Communication Association, 35 (3), p. 43-53.

Bonin, G. A. (2010). Canada’s transition to digital television: from policy to reality. International Journal of Digital Television, 1 (2), p. 135-154.

Bonin, G. A. & Harrison, D. (2008). Rebâtir la confiance après une grève de longue durée : Est-ce possible? Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, 63 (2), p. 246-267.

Book reviews

Bonin, G.A. (2012) Book review of Communicating in Canada’s past: Essays in media history, by Allen, G. and Robinson, D.J. Canadian Journal of Communications, 36 (4): 677-688.

Bonin, G. A. (2008). Book review of Converging Media, Diverging Politics: A political Economy of News Media in the United States and Canada, by D. Skinner, J. R. Compton and M. Gasher. Canadian Journal of Communications, 33 (3): 553-555.

Bonin, G. A. (2007). Book review of Introduction aux méthodes de recherche en
communication, by L. Bonneville, S. Grosjean and M. Lagacé. Canadian Journal of Communication, 32 (2): 311-313.

On-line articles

Bonin, G. A. (10 September 2012) Prisoners go back to school too. Winnipeg Free Press  online edition. Available at:,%20too

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