Selected Presentations

Here is a list of my most recent scholarly presentations:

Bonin, G. A. (2012). “A methodological framework for studying the impacts of technological changes on radio newsroom performance.” Canadian communication association, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, June 1.

Bonin, G. A. (2012). “Evaluating the practices and products of the Canadian radio newsroom: a proposed methodology and examples of application.” 1st International conference on journalism studies. University of Santiago de Chile, Santiago, Chile, June 29.

Bonin, G. A. (2012). “Teaching broadcasting policy: a case study in transliteracy” Athens institute for education and research, 10th annual international conference on communication and mass media, Athens, Greece, May 14.

Bonin, G. A. (2010). “An evaluation of the Canadian commercial radio licence renewal process (1997- 2007): Lessons from Canada.” Annual Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research. Braga, Portugal, July 20.

Bonin, G. A. (2010). “Canada’s transition to digital television: from policy to reality” Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, June 1.

Bonin, G. A. (2009). “Innovating the textbook: A collaborative book project about women and radio in Canada.” The Radio Conference 2009: A Transnational Forum, York University, Toronto, ON, July 28.

Other Presentations:

Here is a list of my other recent public presentations:

Bonin, G. A. (2012). “Radio broadcasting techniques. ” Guest lecturer, William Drummond’s (University of California, Berkeley) Introduction to Journalism Class for student-inmates, Prison University Project (Patton University), San Quentin State Prison (August 6 and 8).

Bonin, G. A. & Tremblay, D. (2011). “Journaliste un jour, journaliste toujours”. Presenter. Orientation workshop on working as a television journalist. Presented to high school students from Franco-Ouest, University of Ottawa. Ottawa, ON, November 22.

Bonin, G. A. Brough, M., Kularb, P. & Teppayayon, O. (2008). “Barriers & conceptual issues in community & participatory media.” Presenter. Annenberg Oxford Summer Institute on Global Media Policy, Oxford Institute for Legal Practice, Oxford, U.K., July 11.

Bonin, G. A.. (2007). “The quality of reporting in the press on the day following the Dawson College shootings.” Guest speaker. Montreal Media Policy Group, McGill University, Montreal, QC, November 29.

Bonin, G. A. (2007). “The Dawson College shootings: An analysis of the coverage a day later.” Guest Lecturer in the Understanding Media course, Dawson College, Montreal, QC, November 5.

Bonin, G. A.(2007). “Community Radio and the CRTC” (Round Table). Panelist. Redefining Media: Media Democracy & Community Radio Conference, McGill University, Montreal, QC, October 20.

Bonin, G. A. (2007). “Interviewing Techniques Workshop.” Presenter. Redefining Media: Media Democracy & Community Radio Conference, McGill University, Montreal, QC, October 20.