Gender, noun classification, and determination

University of Ottawa

September 18-20, 2015

Friday Sept. 18, 2015

08h30 Registration/breakfast
09h00 Gita Zareikar (University of Ottawa) Noun classification in Azeri
09h30 Eric Mathieu & Myriam Dali (University of Ottawa) The role of gender in Arabic
10h00 Zorica Puskar (University of Leipzig) Interactions of gender, number and class features on nouns: Evidence from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
10h30 break
10h45 Christopher Hammerly (UMass) Limiting gender
11h15 Invited Speaker: Paolo Acquaviva (University College Dublin)  Noun-defining categories as parameters for linguistic ontology
12h15 Lunch
13h30 Invited speaker: Ruth Kramer (Georgetown University) The interaction of gender and number: Evidence from syncretism and gender switch
14h30 Invited speaker: Željko Bošković (University of Connecticut) On clitics, ellipsis, and nominal structure very broadly and crosslinguistically
15h30 break
16h00 Maria Kouneli (NYU) Plural marking on mass nouns: Evidence from Greek
16h30 Invited speaker:  Marijke De Belder (KU Leuven) Noun class markers in Dutch compounds
17h30 Poster session
19h00 End of Day 1

Saturday Sept. 19, 2015

08h30 breakfast
09h00 Invited speakers: Martina Wiltschko (UBC) & Elizabeth Ritter (Ben Gurion University & University of Calgary) On the contribution of animacy to noun classification and referential indexing
10h00 Bethany Lochbihler (Univ. of Edinburgh), Will Oxford (Univ. of Manitoba), Nicholas Welch (University of Toronto) The person-animacy connection: Evidence from Algonquian and Dene
10h30 break
10h45 Conor Quinn (University of Maine) Productivity vs. predictability: evidence for the syntax and semantics of Animate gender in four Northeastern-area Algonquian languages
11h15 Invited speaker: Rose-Marie Déchaine (UBC) Partitioning the nominal domain: the convergence of morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics
12h15 Lunch
14h15 Invited Speaker: Carrie Gillon (Arizona State University) The DP domain in Michif: Michif as an Algonquian language
15h15 Solveiga Armoskaite (University of Rochester) How to phraseologize nominal number: an instruction for nominalizations with Lithuanian -yb-
15h45 break
16h15 Jitka Bartosova & Ivona Kučerová (MacMaster University) On PERSON, animacy and φ-Agree in copular agreement in Czech
16h45 Invited speaker: Alan Bale (Concordia) & Jessica Coon (McGill) Counting banana trees: Crosslinguistic consequences for the syntax and semantics of classifiers
17h45 End of Day 2
19:30 Dinner play 1 York Street

Sunday Sept. 20, 2015

08h30 breakfast
09h00 Invited speakers:  Hagit Borer  (QMUL) & Sarah Ouwayda (University of Geneva)
10h00 Phoevos Panagiotidis (University of Cyprus) (Grammatical) gender troubles and the gender of pronouns
10h30 break
10h45 Karim Achab (University of Ottawa) A unified morphosyntactic approach of gender and class across languages
11h15 Invited speakers: Jila Ghomeshi (University of Manitoba) & Diane Massam (University of Toronto) Types of # across DPs
12h15 Lunch
13h30 Student invited speaker: Clarissa Forbes (University of Toronto) Number, names, and animacy: Nominal classes and plural interactions in Gitksan
14h30 Invited speaker: Abdelkader Fassi Fehri (Mohamed V University-Agdal, Rabat) Semantic gender diversity in Arabic heights, categories, and (dis)placements
15h30 Eric Mathieu (University of Ottawa): Closing remarks


Poster presentations