The Slavic Research Group (SRG), founded in 1998 under the ægis of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ottawa, comple­ments and enhances the work of indi­vidual university departments in activ­ities such as research and publication, host­ing academic sympo­sia and spon­soring lectures by pre-emi­nent scholars. Through formal agreements of cooperation, it collaborates with the Russ­ian Aca­demy of Sci­ences (Institute of World Literature, Moscow; Institute of Russian Literature, St Petersburg; Institute of Ethnology and Ethnography, Moscow); the L.N. Tolstoy Museum (Moscow); the L.N. Tolstoy Museum, (Yasnaya Polyana); the Moscow State Institute of Inter-national Relations; the Polish Academy of Arts & Sciences; the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Institute of Polish Language, Institute of Textology and Editorship); the Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences in Canada; and the Serbian and Montenegrin Aca­demies of Arts & Sciences. The SRG works in liaison with several diplomatic embassies in Ottawa in promoting and disseminating knowledge of Slavic culture among the university and non-university public. The activities of the Group, like those of all the Faculty’s research centres, are over­seen by Dr Juana Muñoz-Liceras, As­sociate Dean of Research, Fac­ulty of Arts.

Principal Functions:

• individual and collaborative research on Slavic cultural and literary context and publication of results;

• organising international symposia and publishing the proceedings;

• instituting a lecture series for academic and local communities on areas of general interest in the Slavic field and occasional publication of such lectures;

• liaison with academic and nonacademic specialists and institutions in Russia and East/Central Europe;

• maintaining a Website on the Group’s activities.

For a list of our publications and activities to date please visit our publications page.

Please address book orders to the mailing address found on the Contact Us page.


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