David Leonardo García León

David holds an M.A. in linguistics from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a B.A. in humanities: Spanish and English from Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (Colombia). He also has a certificate in Didactics and Methodologies for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Instituto Caro y Cuervo. He is also a part-time professor of Spanish and Linguistics at the University of Ottawa and has been an editorial assistant for the Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos (RCEH) since 2014. Additionally, he has extensively taught in different universities in areas such as Spanish as a second language, sociolinguistics and discourse analysis. During his academic life, he has been awarded different recognitions: he ranked among the best 10 students in the Colombian National Examination for students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish, he received two full scholarships to carry out his undergraduate and graduate studies, and his master’s thesis was awarded a distinction for its contribution to Colombian Creole studies. Furthermore, he was a research assistant for the research center of Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and since 2012 he has been a member of the research group Discourse Studies from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad Distrital. He has published several articles in different peer-reviewed journals. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Spanish at the University of Ottawa and he is writing his dissertation on the representation of heterosexual and non-normative masculinities in the Colombian cultural industry. David’s research interests include: sociolinguistics, critical discourse analysis, queer and gender studies, masculinities, Latin American cultural studies, and teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.


Email: dgarc063@uottawa.ca


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