Gustavo Ruiz

Gustavo is a PhD student in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Ottawa. His academic interests include representations of Death and literature,

Autobiography, Self-fiction, Metaphor as literary discourse, Discourses and Practices of Politics

and Literature, Twentieth century Latin American Literature, Boom, Postmodernity, Colombian

literature, Latin American Film, Language Teaching. Gustavo’s dissertation explores aesthetic,

symbolic, and political dimensions of death in the literary production of Colombian

contemporary writer Fernando Vallejo. From an interdisciplinary perspective, his work compares

historical, political and cultural differences and similarities between Vallejo’s artistic production

within the context of the Latin American Literary tradition.

Gustavo completed his M.A in Literary Studies at the University of Ottawa (2012) and his B.A.

in Latin American and Spanish Literature and Latin American Studies at The University of

Western Ontario (2008).