María Norma Jiménez Kaiser

Current studies: PhD student in Spanish, University of Ottawa.
Previous studies: Master in Spanish (University of Ottawa, 2014).
Degree in Educational Psychology (UAM-Xochimilco, 2006).
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Ceneval 2006).
Research areas: psychology and literature and literacy processes. Six years experience in Adult Education and Literacy for Spanish speakers. Editor and reporter for Entertainment and culture columnist rock in Spanish and Mexican music Regional Meeting Mexico-USA, Vista USA, Musical Lunotas and other publications in Los Angeles, CA (1996-2001). Participant in admissions conferences and General Coordinator of the International Colloquium “Finezas de una Crisis: Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz” (Los Angeles, CA, 2007), the International Colloquium “Octavio Paz, Laberintos del Poeta” and the International Congress “Literatos en Centenario”(University of Ottawa, 2014).