Doctoral student in Spanish and Teacher Assistant (University of Ottawa, 2015); MA, English (University of Ottawa, 2013); Mexican Studies: Master of  Arts, Mexican Literature (2001-2003) and BA in Hispanic Literature (UNAM, 1993).
Researcher of New Spain literature and theater, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, , the Inquisition and its methods of censorship and ideological control. Research design and research fellow at El Colegio de Mexico (1984-1996). National Award for Theatre Research “Rodolfo Usigli 1993″ (CITRU). Essay Award for Best Graduate Student 2014 (Canadian Association of Hispanic, ACH). Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature. Instructor of more than 50 workshops about Design of Literature, Grammar and Creative Writing courses. Winner of 10 literary awards for poetry and short stories. Author of books and academic articles in Mexico and North America. Participant and speaker at over 50 academic and cultural events in Mexico, USA and Canada. Entertainment and culture reporter, columnist rock in Spanish and co-editor in the newspaper La Opinion and other publications in Los Angeles, CA. (1996-2001). Composer and Musician since 1975.


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