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New book by Karim Achab

Karim Achab has recently published a book: Internal structure of verb meaning: a study of verbs in Tamazight. You will find information about the book HERE. Below is a very brief description.

“Internal Structure of Verb meaning: A Study of verbs in Tamazight (Berber) makes years of academic research in linguistics available to a wide audience. It is written in such a way that it serves as an introduction to the domains of lexical semantics and the organization of grammar for students. The book investigates the internal structure and the predicate-argument structure of verbs of (change of) state, including unaccusatives, verbs of spatial configuration, causatives, and those traditionally referred to as verbs of quality in the linguistic literature on Tamazight.”

Karim Achab obtained his PhD in Linguistics from the University of Ottawa and is currently a part-time professor at our department.

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