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Recent presentations

Once again, we’ve been out spreading the word across the globe. In the last few weeks:

  • Nicté Fuller-Medina presented “The syntax of [hacer + V]: Haciendo borrow in Belizean Spanish” at October’s Hispanic Linguistics Symposium here in Ottawa.
  • Laura Sabourin, Christie Brien, Aysegul Kutlu, and Michele Burkholder attended the International Conference on Multilingualism (Montreal, October 24–5) and presented “Age of acquisition and the bilingual lexicon: Behavioural and neurophysiological approaches”
  • Andrew McKishnie travelled to Moscow this October, to present a synopsis of his UVic MA thesis on secondary predicates in three Slavic languages. Here’s an action shot:
  • Félix Desmeules-Trudel presented “Perception of Quebec French nasal vowels by Brazilian learners: Acoustic and perceptual factors” at the 37th meeting of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association (November 1–2; Moncton, NB).
  • Our syntacticians more or less took over the Bilingual Workshop on Theoretical Linguistics (Waterloo, ON; December 6), with oral presentations by Ekab AlShawashreh, Eric Mathieu (solo and with Brandon Fry), Paul Melchin, and Gita Zareikar; and posters by Brandon Fry and Nova Starr, as well as a further presentation by Ottawa U alumna Cassandra Chapman (now at McMaster). Here are some pictures (thanks: Nova Starr):

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