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Festschrift in honour of Shana Poplack

The secret is out!  A festschrift in honour of Shana Poplack will be published this Fall! Linguistic Variation: Confronting Fact and Theory, edited by Rena Torres-Cacoullos, Nathalie Dion and André Lapierre, pays tribute to Shana by bringing together contributions from leading scholars in language variation and change. The book demonstrates how variationist methodology can be applied to the study of linguistic structures and processes. It introduces readers to variation theory, while also providing an overview of current debates on the linguistic, cognitive and sociocultural factors involved in linguistic patterning. With its coverage of a diverse range of language varieties and linguistic problems, this book offers new quantitative analyses of actual language production and processing from both top experts and emerging scholars, and presents students and practitioners with theoretical frameworks to meaningfully engage in accountable research practice.

The impressive list of chapter authors includes, in addition to William Labov, a number of uOttawa professors (Stephen Levey, David Sankoff, Richard Clément and Mayer Alvo) and department alumni (Sali Tagliamonte, James Walker, Gerard Van Herk, Nathalie Dion and Jackie Adams).


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