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Socio Lab at NWAV 43!

This year’s NWAV (New Ways of Analyzing Variation) conference was held in Chicago from October 23-26. Sociolinguistics at uOttawa was very well represented.
  • Shana and Nath also gave a pre-conference workshop entitled “A variationist approach to language contact”.
  • An exception to the rule? Lone French nouns in Tunisian Arabic (Shana Poplack, Lotfi Sayahi [SUNY Albany], Nahed Mourad & Nathalie Dion)
  • Future temporal reference in New Brunswick Acadian French (Mélissa Chiasson-Léger)
  • Mixed-effects models and unbalanced sociolinguistic data: The need for caution (Joseph Roy & Stephen Levey

Ottawa Socio Lab (then and now) at NWAV 43

Bill Labov meets Socio Lab at NWAV 43

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