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Bilingual Workshop in Theoretical Linguistics and Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates

The Bilingual Workshop in Theoretical Linguistics and the Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates, took place at the University of Ottawa on November 28th and 29th.

Talks from uOttawa linguistics members:

  • Kathleen Strader: How French is the Michif determiner phrase?
  • Kate Riccominni: Inserting the right v: Transitive v versus pure verbaliser v in Ojibwe
  • Brandon Fry & Éric Mathieu: Long-distance agreement and de re belief in Ojibwe
  • Myriam Lapierre: Vowels of Mebengokre
  • Kyumin Kim: Variation in the syntax of non-core arguments: PP, ApplP, and pP
  • Jérémy Beauchamp: Une description sémantique des constructions locatives en mebengokre
  • Daiho Kitaoka: An applicative analysis of the major subject construction in Japanese
  • Gita Zareikar & Paul Melchin: On plural marking in Persian













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