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Brandon Fry wins best student paper award at CLA

Brandon Fry won the award for best student paper at this year’s CLA meeting. The paper’s title was “The derivation of theme-signs in Algonquin Ojibwe: A multiple agree approach“. This is what the committee had to say:

“Fry’s talk addressed the derivational nature of theme-signs in Algonquin Ojibwe, proposing that their form is a morpho-phonological reflex of Multiple Agree of a higher functional head with both the subject and the object. The judges were impressed by the clarity of the presentation of this rather complex topic, by its accessibility for the non-Algonquian specialist, and by Fry’s command of the technical literature referenced in his proposal. In addition, the judges appreciated how Fry engaged the audience and handled the questions that his talk inspired.”

You can find the paper here: http://cla-acl.ca/wp-content/uploads/Fry.pdf. Congratulations Brandon!

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