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NWAV coming up!

New Ways of Analysing Variation 44 is coming up, starting October 22. You will find the conference website here:


Shana Poplack will be giving an invited talk with title “Pursuing symmetry by eradicating variability”. You can find the abstract here: http://linguistics.utoronto.ca/nwav44/invited.html

In addition, Laura Kastronic will present “When’variables’intersect:’The’interplay’ of’the’expression’of’the’subjunctive’ mood’and’necessity’in’two’varieties’of’ French”; Shana Poplack, Rena Torres Cacoullos,Rosane De Andrade Berlinck, Salvatore Digesto, Nathalie Dion, Dora Lacasse & Jonathan Steuck will present “Using variability to measure grammaticalizatio: A pan-Romance study of the subjunctive”

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