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Shana Poplack: traveling sociolinguist

Shana has recently given a number of plenary talks. Here are some details:

Normes en conflit: L’école, la communauté et l’idéologie normative. Colloque international VocUM 2. Université de Montréal. November 18.

Confronting theory with fact: Language mixing on the ground. ‘Linguistics Talks at Western’ speaker series/Bilingual Workshop in Theoretical Linguistics (BWTL) 18. University of Western Ontario. November 20.

The sharp divide between single- and multi-word code-mixing: Evidence from the ground. Potsdam Research Institute for Multilingualism (PRIM), University of Potsdam (Germany). November 25-27.

The empirical study of spontaneous language mixing. Workshop. Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS). Berlin. November 25-27.

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