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Stacey Grierson: winner of this year’s Edward Sapir Scholarship

A few years ago, Stacey Grierson sold her house and returned to school after a successful stint working with a local elevator company and becoming an essential part of that team. “I realized the only thing holding me back from pursuing my dream of becoming a speech-language pathologist was fear, so I decided to take the plunge and return to school,” said Stacey. She is now in her last semester of her BA in the Psychology-Linguistics joint honours. In doing so, Stacey has maintained a truly extraordinary GPA, excelling in the full range of topics in Linguistics, Psychology, and other degree requirements.

Edward Sapir was a linguist who helped establish the modern discipline of Linguistics. He was a pioneer in the documentation and classification of indigenous languages of the Americas. Sapir worked in Ottawa for the Anthropology Division of the Geological Survey of Canada in the years prior to World War II; he did field work in indigenous languages and advocated for rights of indigenous peoples.

There is an endowed Edward Sapir Scholarship available to a student in their last year of a BA in Linguistics at the University of Ottawa, based on academic prowess and promise. Stacey Grierson is this year’s very deserving winner. Congratulations, Stacey!

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