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Montreal-Ottawa-Laval-Toronto Phonology Workshop

The MOLT Workshop took place at Carleton University from March 18 to March 20. Here is the workshop website: https://sites.google.com/site/carletonmolt2016/. Many members of our Department made presentations:

Myriam Lapierre: The nasal consonants of Panará

Daiho Kitaoka: Morification in Japanese: An analysis of a reversing game

Félix Desmeules-Trudel and Tania Zamuner: Processing ambiguous vowel nasalization in Canadian French: Reaction times and eye movements

Marc Brunelle: When intonation fails to phonologize: The case of Southern Vietnamese

John Jensen and Margaret Strong-Jensen: Opacity, Transparency, and Locality

If you look at the program, you will see old friends too!

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