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Fun and learning at the Living Lab

Here are some news about the upcoming Living Lab (a collaboration between Tania Zamuner, Cristina Atance and Chris Fennell):

“Imagine going on a family outing to a museum and taking part in real studies on children’s cognitive development and language acquisition. Imagine watching your child interact with researchers, who engage them in short games, puzzles or problem-solving tasks, and then chatting with the researchers — before continuing on to the museum’s other exhibits.“


The new Canada Science and Technology Museum, which the Living Lab will be researching from in 2017, Canada’s 150th.

“The Museum’s exhibitions space will be upgraded to enhance visitor experience and inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.”


Ottawa Metro News article:

“A partnership with the University of Ottawa would bring a “living lab” to the museum, allowing parents and kids to participate in short studies.” …


(thanks to Maurice Bélanger for the update!)

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