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Sociolinguistics extravaganza!

DiPVac 3 was held at the University of Ottawa on May 4-6 (program) and CVC 9 was held on May 7-8 (program).  Many members of our department participated. Shana Poplack was a plenary speaker at DipVac. In addition, the following department members presented at CVC (in order of appearance):

Going back to the source: A comparative analysis of the expression of necessity in Hexagonal and Quebec French

Laura Kastronic

Codeswitches or borrowings: Who cares? Evidence from English lone-origin nouns in Lebanese Arabic

Nahed Mourad

Agreeing to disagree: The lexical effect on past participle gender agreement in French

Suzanne Robillard

Subject-verb order in Jordanian Arabic: A variationist approach

Ekab Al-Shawashreh

Patterns of futurity: A variationist study of future temporal reference in spoken Italian

Salvatore Digesto

Revitalizing old relatives: Evidence from Early and Late Modern English (1571-1796)

Stephen Levey


Full set of abstracts here.

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