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From Maurice Bélanger

Welcome back everyone.

Some bits and bytes to refresh your memory and get you optimized for the new year. Heads up, next issue’s tech submission is going to go deep.

Have a great semester!


People – Keep in touch with your Departmental support staff;

linadm@uottawa.ca – aka Solange Castillo

lintech@uottawa.ca – aka moe (Maurice Bélanger)

linsec@uottawa.ca – aka Donna Desbiens


Places – LIN Lab info.


- Simard 333g-333h, also at the Aviation Museum, extension 7516



- Arts (Hamelin) 408, extension 2401



- Simard 333a, extension 7949



- Arts (Hamelin) 402, extension 1184


MHN420 info

- press 1 for VGA, press 6 for HDMI

- A/V cables provided

- don’t leave the door open after leaving

MHN509 info

- secure room, reserve it with Donna

- adaptors and A/V cables provided, podium PC coming


Things – Applications we use and you could too:

- neuroBS Presentations: https://www.neurobs.com/menu_presentation/menu_features/features_overview

- SR Research Experiment Builder: http://www.sr-research.com/eb.html

- Ultraspeech: http://www.ultraspeech.com/web/

- PhoneEdit: http://www.lpl-aix.fr/~lpldev/phonedit/

- BESA: http://www.besa.de

- FCPX: http://www.apple.com/ca/final-cut-pro/

- Compumedics: http://compumedicsneuroscan.com/products-overview/

- Audacity, VLC, Python, R, CLAN, MatLab, Phon, and more …

* newly suggested (merci Lyra)

- Open Sesame: http://osdoc.cogsci.nl/

- PsychoPy: http://www.psychopy.org

… there’s more to come, in detail, in the next Hiatus issue


What about OSes at UO?

- WINXP, yeah we still have a few systems running it, being phased out

- WIN7, fully supported by IT (formerly known as CCS), UO standard

- WIN10, no longer free, semi-supported by IT

- macOSX El Capitan (10.11) no incompatibility issues, supported

- macOS Sierra aka, (10.12), free, semi-supported by IT

- UNIX-flavours, ask moe

… there’s more to come, in detail, in the next Hiatus issue


Cheap stuff:

- decent deal on MS, others a bit meh: http://onthehub.com/search/higher-ed/

Web Site Support:

- Artsites site, get one via the Faculty Webmaster, Pierre.Renaud@uottawa.ca


Work and Play safe on your Mac or PC:

- malwarebytes: https://www.malwarebytes.com/antimalware/

- avast: https://www.avast.com/en-ca/free-antivirus-download

Next month, Software, Servers, Services and Suggestions.

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