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September 30 2016

Welcome to our new issue of Hiatus. Send us your news for the next one!

your Hiatus editors,

Kevin and Ana

We’re on Facebook!

Our department has a new Facebook account. Here:


It is blossoming, and still under construction. Get in touch with Kevin if you have comments or would like to share your news on Facebook (we’ll post news on both Facebook and Hiatus).

Talk by Ivona Kucerova at Carleton University

Ivona Kucerova will be giving a talk with title “On Nominativeness” at Carleton University (DT2203) this Friday (September 30) at 3pm. Please contact Lev Blumenfeld if you have any questions.

Gita Zareikar at “Dimensions of D” workshop

Gita Zareikar presented a paper together with Solveiga Armoskaite and Carrie Gillon at the “Dimensions of D” workshop, held at the University of Rochester on September 16-18 2016.  The title of their paper was: “Specificity: the trouble with case and numerals“. Congratulations!

Adelsa loft night/ soirée au loft

Adelsa loft-night / soirée au loft: September 29 / 29 de septembre!

From Maurice Bélanger

Welcome back everyone.

Some bits and bytes to refresh your memory and get you optimized for the new year. Heads up, next issue’s tech submission is going to go deep.

Have a great semester!


People – Keep in touch with your Departmental support staff;

linadm@uottawa.ca – aka Solange Castillo

lintech@uottawa.ca – aka moe (Maurice Bélanger)

linsec@uottawa.ca – aka Donna Desbiens


Places – LIN Lab info.


- Simard 333g-333h, also at the Aviation Museum, extension 7516



- Arts (Hamelin) 408, extension 2401



- Simard 333a, extension 7949



- Arts (Hamelin) 402, extension 1184


MHN420 info

- press 1 for VGA, press 6 for HDMI

- A/V cables provided

- don’t leave the door open after leaving

MHN509 info

- secure room, reserve it with Donna

- adaptors and A/V cables provided, podium PC coming


Things – Applications we use and you could too:

- neuroBS Presentations: https://www.neurobs.com/menu_presentation/menu_features/features_overview

- SR Research Experiment Builder: http://www.sr-research.com/eb.html

- Ultraspeech: http://www.ultraspeech.com/web/

- PhoneEdit: http://www.lpl-aix.fr/~lpldev/phonedit/

- BESA: http://www.besa.de

- FCPX: http://www.apple.com/ca/final-cut-pro/

- Compumedics: http://compumedicsneuroscan.com/products-overview/

- Audacity, VLC, Python, R, CLAN, MatLab, Phon, and more …

* newly suggested (merci Lyra)

- Open Sesame: http://osdoc.cogsci.nl/

- PsychoPy: http://www.psychopy.org

… there’s more to come, in detail, in the next Hiatus issue


What about OSes at UO?

- WINXP, yeah we still have a few systems running it, being phased out

- WIN7, fully supported by IT (formerly known as CCS), UO standard

- WIN10, no longer free, semi-supported by IT

- macOSX El Capitan (10.11) no incompatibility issues, supported

- macOS Sierra aka, (10.12), free, semi-supported by IT

- UNIX-flavours, ask moe

… there’s more to come, in detail, in the next Hiatus issue


Cheap stuff:

- decent deal on MS, others a bit meh: http://onthehub.com/search/higher-ed/

Web Site Support:

- Artsites site, get one via the Faculty Webmaster, Pierre.Renaud@uottawa.ca


Work and Play safe on your Mac or PC:

- malwarebytes: https://www.malwarebytes.com/antimalware/

- avast: https://www.avast.com/en-ca/free-antivirus-download

Next month, Software, Servers, Services and Suggestions.

September 12 2016

Welcome to the first issue of our Newsletter for this year. A chance to say welcome back to everyone and wish you a happy semester. Send us your news for the next issue!

your editors, Kevin and Ana

Thesis defences over the summer

This summer our department celebrated several successful PhD thesis defences:

September 7th: Nicté Fuller Medina, “Language mixing in Northern and Western Belize: a comparative variationst approach”. Supervisors: Stephen Levey and Juana Liceras

August 26th: Daryl Chow, “The intonational structure of Singapore English”. Supervisor: Marc Brunelle

August 25th: Ekab Al-Shawashreh, “Aspects of grammatical variation in Jordanian Arabic”. Supervisor: Stephen Levey

August 4th: Saleh Al-Qahtani, “The structure and distribution of Determiner Phrases in Arabic: Standard Arabic and Saudi dialects”. Supervisor: Eric Mathieu

Congratulations to everyone! Send us pictures for our next issue!

Welcome to Solange Castillo!!

We would like to offer a warm Hiatus-welcome to Solange Castillo, who joined our department as Administrative Assistant last year.


In her free time, Solange enjoyes photography, including taking pictures of her dog in everyday human activities, as well as baking (in her words: “I try not to do too much, because I tend to eat my weight in homemade sweets”). She also loves to bike. As for her job, she told us she likes “the stress that comes with time managing myself, and the students”.  Sounds perfect! A big welcome!

Eric Mathieu’s first novel is out!

Éric Mathieu published a novel « Les suicidés d’Eau-Claire ». Éditions La Mèche (from the group La courte échelle). The book launch took place at the Librairie du Soleil, Ottawa, on September 1. The next book launch will be at the Librairie Olivieri, Montréal, September 12, from 5pm to 7pm. Éric will also be at the Salon du livre de l’Estrie et au Salon du livre de Montréal.

Check out the excellent review by Valérie Lessard in Le Droit: here

Check out the blurb by Martine Desjardins in L’Actualité out last Friday.

Check out the excellent review by Stanley Péan in Les Libraires: here

You can see some photos from the book launch here:  https://www.facebook.com/eajmathieu

Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates (OCLU)

The Department of Linguistics of the University of Ottawa is pleased to announce that it will host its eighth Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates (OCLU 2016) on Saturday, 27th November, 2016. OCLU will also include a session for M.A. students. The conference provides a supportive environment in which undergraduates and M.A. students can disseminate their research findings, hone their presentation skills, and network with other students and faculty who share their academic interests.

Conference website: http://www.oclu2016.com

Call for papers deadline: October 14 (more information here: http://www.oclu2016.com/OCLU_Call_for_Papers.html)

Phonology reading group (OCP)

The OCP (phonology) reading group met for the first time on September 7. Please get in touch with Félix or Marc if you would like to be included on the group’s mailing list.

Dennis Ott in “Studia Linguistica”

Dennis’s paper  ’Stylistic fronting as remnant movement’  has appeared in “Studia Linguistica”.  You can read about it here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/stul.12054/abstract;jsessionid=56720ECCDC6BE9705D4AB175F43EDD99.f03t01



Dennis Ott at the LSA

Together with Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Dennis will be organizing a session on VP-fronting at the LSA in Austin, TX, January 2017. The session will feature talks by Laruen Eby-Clemens, Anya Lunden & Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Jason Kandybowicz, Gary Thoms & Goerge Walkden, and Lisa Travis. Stay tuned!

May 2016

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the last Hiatus of 2015-2016! We will be back at the beginning of next semester, so remember to send us your news!

The Hiatus Editorial Team