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Paul Melchin at the University of Edinburgh and University College London

Paul Melchin presented a talk about his research with title “Manner, Result, and Argument Structure” at the “Meaning and Grammar Research Group” at the University of Edinburgh on March 23. He will also be making a presentation on the topic at the Syntax Reading Group at University College London on March 31. Congratulations!

Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Semantics Workshop

The 9th annual meeting of the TOM Semantics Workshop will take place at McGill on April 23. You will find the program here.  Members from our department will make the following presentations:

Jumanah Abusulaiman: Epistemic modality in Makkan Arabic: the case of ‘qad’

Brandon Fry and Eric Mathieu: A study of the semantics of Ojibwe cross-clausal agreement.

Vesela Simeonova: Mirativity in Bulgarian and Turkish: a semantic account.

Ottawa Invasion of Stony Brook University

A few members of our department are heading to Stony Brook University to attend LSRL46 (Linguistics Symposium on Romance Languages), WARL (Workshop on Arabic and Romance Linguistics) and ASAL 30 (Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics):

Poplack, Shana, Torres Cacoullos, Rena, Berlinck, Rosane de Andrade, Digesto, Salvatore, Dion, Nathalie,Lacasse, Dora & Steuck, Jonathan: “Tracking grammaticalization across Romance: Evidence from the subjunctiv.e” (LSRL)

Roussel, Basile. “Linguistic variation in a minority setting: A variationist study of subjunctive use in Acadian French.” (LSRL)

Poplack, Shana, Sayahi, Lotfi, Mourad, Nahed & Dion, Nathalie. “Adding a little Romance: Lone French nouns in Tunisian Arabic discourse.” (WARL)

(Thanks Nathalie!)

Michael McAuliffe workshop on mixed-effects models

A reminder the on March 29th the OCP group will host a mixed-effects models workshop given by Dr. Michael McAuliffe. Where: Simard 333. When: 1pm-5pm. Contact person: Félix.

Symposium on American Indian Languages

Brent Bardagil Mas,  Myriam Lapierre, Andrés Salanova and Perankó Panará will make a presentation with title “A digital dictionary of Panará” at the 3rd Symposium on American Indian Languages (SAIL), held at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York. Here is the link.

February 29 2016

Hi everyone,

Welcome to a new issue of Hiatus! We plan to post our next issue at the end of March. Send us your news!

Your editors,

Kevin, Jérémie, Tharanga and Ana

Congratulations to France Martineau!

Prof. France Martineau vient de publier un roman, Bonsoir la muette, aux éditions Sémaphore. Le roman a reçu une critique élogieuse dans le journal Le Devoir  http://m.ledevoir.com/#article-463377 et ell a été invitée à plusieurs entrevues dans les médias dont au Salon du livre de l’Outaouais. Le livre est disponible en librairies.

January 31 2016

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our first issue of Hiatus 2016! We plan to have our next issue out in February. Send us your news. Have you gone to a conference recently? Are you planning to? Papers, books, encyclopedias coming out? Let us know!

your editors,

Tharanga, Jérémie and Ana

December 1 2015

Welcome to the new issue of Hiatus, our Department’s newsletter. We hope to have a new issue out next year (beginning of January!). Send us your news! Have you presented at any conferences lately? Are you going to? Is your book coming out soon? Any good linguistics jokes? Let us know!

your Hiatus editorial team, Jérémie, Tharanga and Ana


October 2015

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Hiatus. A new issue after a long editorial absence. It will take us a little time to get caught up with your news. Let us know what you have been up to over the past months, and what you have planned ahead. In a rush of editorial madness, we hope to have a new issue out mid-November. Best wishes from your editorial team, Jeremie, Tharanga and Ana.

Welcome Dennis Ott!


Dennis Ott has joined our department this semester as Assistant Professor in Syntax. You will find Denni’s webpage here:


Dennis has a paper  ”Right Dislocation as Deletion”, co-authored with Mark de Vries, which has just come out in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11049-015-9307-7). He has co-edited a volume celebrating the 50th anniversary of Chomsky’s Aspects which was published by MITWPL (http://mitwpl.mit.edu/catalog/mwpl77/) and is available online (http://filcat.uab.cat/clt/publicacions/Aspects-50-years-later/).  And Linguist List has published a recent book review  (http://linguistlist.org/pubs/reviews/get-review.cfm?SubID=36050897).


The Hiatus editors asked Gita Zareikar to meet with Dennis and find out a little more about  his interests. Here is what she has to tell us (thanks Gita!):

Dennis Ott is our new syntactician in the department. He did his BA in Philosophy at the University of Cologne in Germany. While doing Philosophy, he had the chance to take some Linguistic courses and became familiar with the general idea of Linguistics and Biology. Following his interest he attended LSA Summer School in 2005 and met Cedric Boeckx who encouraged him to apply for a graduate school in States. He Started Linguistics at Harvard University in 2006  and graduated in 2011. Soon after, he started his first job as a Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Groningen in Netherlands for two years and moved to Berlin for a second Post-doctoral position in 2013. During this time he spent a session at MIT as a visiting scholar.

Dennis is interested in clause level movement and the interaction of ellipses and movement in the clausal domain. He is offering a topic course in Winter 2016 on relative clauses.

Besides Linguistics Dennis is passionate about photography and finding time, he enjoys photo shooting.

Gender, class and determination conference

The Gender, Class and Determination Conference took place on September 18-20 at the Novotel, in Ottawa. The organizers were Éric Mathieu, Gita Zareikar and Myriam Dali. It was an exciting conference with many wonderful speakers. You can find more information about the event here: http://artsites.uottawa.ca/gender/. The presenters from our Department were:

Gita Zareikar: Noun classification in Azeri (oral presentation)

Éric Mathieu & Myriam Dali: The role of gender in Arabic (oral presentation)

Karim Achab: A unified morphosyntactic approach of gender and class across languages (oral presentation)

Paul Melchin (University of Ottawa) (joint work with Kyumin Kim (Cheongju University)) Plural, classifier, and the role of division in a classifier language (Poster presentation)

Kathleen Strader (University of Ottawa) Gender in Michif

Jumanah Abusulaiman (University of Ottawa) Hag-possessum agreement in Free State construction in Makkan Arabic

You can find more info from the conference, live, in twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/genling?src=hash

Algonquian Conference

The 47th Algonquian Conference will take place in Manitoba October 22-25. You can find the conference website here:


Brandon Fry will present “Conjunct and independent VTA theme signs in Ojibwe: a difference in feature inheritance”, Daiho Kitaoka and Kathleen Strader all present “Discontinuous DPs in Michif: preverbal focus position”, Eric Mathieu will present “On the status of gender in Algonquian”, Eric Mathieu and Kathleen Strader will present “On gender in Michif”, and  Kate Riccomini will present “Structure and agreement in Ojibwe transitive verbs”,

Presentations and News

It has been a busy time for students and profs in the Department. Here are some of the presentations that have taken place (more or less) recently that we have not mentioned elsewhere in this issue (alphabetical order, first name!). Send us your news if we have missed you!

Abdulrahman Alamri & Tania Zamuner [Poster]

Phonological, Semantic, and Root Activation in Spoken Word Recognition in Arabic” , CLA 2015.

Andrew McKishnie and Paul Melchin [Presentation]

“Case-stacking in Russian and the Genitive of Negation”, Northwest Linguistics Conference, Victoria, BC, April 26

Andrew McKishnie and Paul Melchin [Presentation]

“Russian numerals and agreement mismatches”, 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Leiden University (Netherlands), 2-5 September 2015.

Basile Roussel [Presentation

"Le français acadien, une variété conservatrice? L’exemple de l’usage du subjonctif dans le Nord-Est du Nouveau Brunswick", CLA 2015.

Brandon Fry [Presentation]

“On phi-Agree and Total Transfer”. Dog Days of Syntax workshop, August 12, 2015, University of Toronto.

Daiho Kitaoka [Presentation]

“An applicative approach to major object constructions in Korean”, International Circle of Korean Linguists (ICKL) at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. July 24-26.

Daiho Kitaoka  & Sara Mackenzie [Presentation]

Evidence for the mora: Analysis of a Japanese reversing game“, CLA 2015.

Elena Valenzuela, Kristina Borg, Rachel Klassen, & Tania Zamuner [Poster]

Code-switched relative clause constructions and bilingual sentence processing: An eye-tracking study“, CLA 2015.

Éric Mathieu & Gita Zareikar [Presentation]

Bottles of milk and cups of sugar: A cross-linguistic perspective on measure constructions“, CLA 2015

Éric Mathieu & Gita Zareikar [Poster]

Plurality and measure words: classifying versus counting“, NELS 2015, Concordia.

Félix Desmeules-Trudel [Poster]

Propriétés aérodynamiques et comparaison des voyelles nasales et potentiellement nasalisées en français québécois“, CLA 2015

Kyumin Kim and Paul Melchin [Presentation]

Pluralizer as a nP modifier: Evidence from Korean -tul” [CLA 2015]

Kyumin Kim and Paul Melchin [Presentation]

“Two types of plurals in Korean: modifying (-tul) and grammatical (CL) plural”, International Circle of Korean Linguists (ICKL) at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. July 24-26.

Laura Kastronic [Presentation]

A comparative variationist analysis of subjunctive use in Hexagonal French and Quebec French“, CLA 2015.

María Luisa Rivero, Ana Arregui & Nikolay Slavkov [Presentation]

Grammaticalizing ‘big’ situations in Bulgarian“, CLA 2015.
Marc Brunelle [Poster]

A corpus-based study of prominence and stress in Vietnamese“, CLA 2015.

Michèle Burkholder [Presentation]

Les faux-amis: Investigating lexico-semantic ambiguity across two languages“, CLA 2015.

Nova Starr [Poster]

Voice and general number in Tagalog“, CLA 2015

Paul Melchin [Presentation]

Diagnosing pronominal category in Japanese and Mandarin” [CLA 2015]

Saleh AlQahtani & Laura Sabourin [Poster]

Syntactic processing of subjects in different word orders in Arabic: Do Arabic heritage speakers differ from native speakers when processing SVO/VSO order?“, CLA 2015

Santa Vīnerte & Laura Sabourin [Poster]

Bilingualism and Cognitive Control: The ANT in a Canadian Context.”  CLA 2015

Shana Poplack, Rosane de Andrade Berlinck, Salvatore Digesto & Nathalie Dion [Presentation]

A pan-Romance perspective on subjunctive variability“, CLA 2015.

Shana Poplack, Lotfi Sayahi, Nahed Mourad & Nathalie Dion [Presentation]

Mixing typologically different languages: The behaviour of French nouns in Tunisian Arabic“, CLA 2015.

Vesela Simeonova & Gita Zareikar [Presentation]

“The syntax of evidential in Azeri, Bulgarian and Persian” MOTH March 2015

Vesela Simeonova [Presentation]

“On the relation between miratives and evidentials”, TOM 8, Carelton, 2015.

Vesela Simeonova &  Gita Zareikar [Presentation]

The syntax of evidentials in Azeri, Bulgarian and Persian “, CLA 2015.

Vesela Simeonova [Presentation]

Evidentials with attitude!“, CLA 2015

Vesela Simeonova [Presentation]

“On the relation between miratives, exclamatives, and evidential”, Slavic Linguistic Society 2015, Heidelberg University.

Vesela Simeonova [Invited Presentation]

“On tense, aspect, and mood interaction in Bulgarian and Slavic”, Workshop at the Slavic Linguistic Society 2015, Heidelberg University.

France Martineau nommée professeur éminente


En mai dernier, France Martineau s’est vue attribuer l’un des trois titres de Professeur éminent émis par l’Université d’Ottawa aux professeurs dont la renommée dans leur domaine d’expertise n’est plus à faire.

(lien http://www.uottawa.ca/gazette/fr/nouvelles/luniversite-presente-ses-professeurs-eminents-2014-2015),

France Martineau à Caen, à Paris et à Saint-Boniface

France Martineau a participé à la conférence annuelle de l’Association for French Language Studies (AFLS) à Caen en Normandie, du 17 au 19 juin 2015.  Elle y a présenté deux communications, dont une intitulée “Une langue au statut fragile: normes et usages du français québécois sous le Régime anglais”, avec Wym Remisen (Université de Sherbrooke) et l’autre intitulée “Variation et variétés: le Corpus FRAN et la variable de conséquence” en collaboration avec Marie-Claude Séguin (laboratoire des Polyphonies du français, Université d’Ottawa).

Elle a organisé, en collaboration avec Françoise Gadet (Université Ouest Nanterre La Défense), la journée d’étude “Mobilité, migrations et réseaux” qui a eu lieu à Paris, le 16 juin 2015.

Finalement, elle a été conférencière invitée à Saint-Boniface à la fin août au colloque “Dans leurs propres mots: la mobilité dans les écrits personnels et les sources orales, XVI-XXe siècles ”.

Corpus FRAN et Corpus LFFA

N’hésitez pas à vous inscrire au Corpus FRAN (http://www.continent.uottawa.ca) et au Corpus LFFA (http://www.polyphonies.uottawa.ca), premiers corpus panfrancophones sur le français en Amérique du nord.