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Eric Mathieu’s first novel is out!

Éric Mathieu published a novel « Les suicidés d’Eau-Claire ». Éditions La Mèche (from the group La courte échelle). The book launch took place at the Librairie du Soleil, Ottawa, on September 1. The next book launch will be at the Librairie Olivieri, Montréal, September 12, from 5pm to 7pm. Éric will also be at the Salon du livre de l’Estrie et au Salon du livre de Montréal.

Check out the excellent review by Valérie Lessard in Le Droit: here

Check out the blurb by Martine Desjardins in L’Actualité out last Friday.

Check out the excellent review by Stanley Péan in Les Libraires: here

You can see some photos from the book launch here:  https://www.facebook.com/eajmathieu

Congratulations to France Martineau!

Prof. France Martineau vient de publier un roman, Bonsoir la muette, aux éditions Sémaphore. Le roman a reçu une critique élogieuse dans le journal Le Devoir  http://m.ledevoir.com/#article-463377 et ell a été invitée à plusieurs entrevues dans les médias dont au Salon du livre de l’Outaouais. Le livre est disponible en librairies.

Festschrift in honour of Shana Poplack

The secret is out!  A festschrift in honour of Shana Poplack will be published this Fall! Linguistic Variation: Confronting Fact and Theory, edited by Rena Torres-Cacoullos, Nathalie Dion and André Lapierre, pays tribute to Shana by bringing together contributions from leading scholars in language variation and change. The book demonstrates how variationist methodology can be applied to the study of linguistic structures and processes. It introduces readers to variation theory, while also providing an overview of current debates on the linguistic, cognitive and sociocultural factors involved in linguistic patterning. With its coverage of a diverse range of language varieties and linguistic problems, this book offers new quantitative analyses of actual language production and processing from both top experts and emerging scholars, and presents students and practitioners with theoretical frameworks to meaningfully engage in accountable research practice.

The impressive list of chapter authors includes, in addition to William Labov, a number of uOttawa professors (Stephen Levey, David Sankoff, Richard Clément and Mayer Alvo) and department alumni (Sali Tagliamonte, James Walker, Gerard Van Herk, Nathalie Dion and Jackie Adams).


Book: Acoustics in Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences: An Introduction

Ian MacKay recently published a new textbook entitled “Acoustics in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences: An Introduction“. The book focuses on understanding of acoustics in the context of human communications through examples and analogies from everyday life or general experience.

Syntax and its Limits out now

Oxford University Press have published Syntax and its Limits, clearly with a crafty eye on the demand for original research in theoretical linguistics over the festive period. Rob Truswell co-edited the book with Raffaella Folli and Christina Sevdali (University of Ulster), and contributed a chapter on “Reconstruction, control, and movement”.

New publications

We’ve had a minor deluge of new publications by department members over the summer, including at least these (subscription required for many links):

New book by Karim Achab

Karim Achab has recently published a book: Internal structure of verb meaning: a study of verbs in Tamazight. You will find information about the book HERE. Below is a very brief description.

“Internal Structure of Verb meaning: A Study of verbs in Tamazight (Berber) makes years of academic research in linguistics available to a wide audience. It is written in such a way that it serves as an introduction to the domains of lexical semantics and the organization of grammar for students. The book investigates the internal structure and the predicate-argument structure of verbs of (change of) state, including unaccusatives, verbs of spatial configuration, causatives, and those traditionally referred to as verbs of quality in the linguistic literature on Tamazight.”

Karim Achab obtained his PhD in Linguistics from the University of Ottawa and is currently a part-time professor at our department.

“Syntax and its Limits”, forthcoming in OUP (Rob Truswell editor)

Rob Truswell, together with Raffaella Folli and Christina Sevdali (University of Ulster), is editor of a book forthcoming in OUP: “Syntax and its Limits” (the book should be out by the end of the year). It is a collection of papers that aim to clarify the division of labor between syntax and neighbouring components (morphology, semantics, information structure and the lexicon). Here is the table of contents:
1 Syntax and its limits Raffaella Folli, Christina Sevdali, and Robert Truswell
2  Harmonic derivationalism Winfried Lechner
3  Reconstruction, control, and movement Robert Truswell
4  Linearizing empty edges Terje Lohndal and Bridget Samuels
5  Evidence for the use of verb telicity in sentence comprehension Erin O’Bryan, Raffaella Folli, Heidi Harley, and Thomas G. Bever
6 Focus intervention in declaratives Aviad Eilam
7  Root phenomena as interface phenomena: Evidence from non-sententials Cecile De Cat
8  ‘Contrast’ and its relation to wa in Japanese and nun in Korean Reiko Vermeulen
9  Adjuncts within words and complex heads Glyne Piggott and Lisa deMena Travis
10  Still puzzled by adjectival passives? Berit Gehrke
11  The role of syntax in stress assignment in Serbo-Croatian Boban Arsenijevic and Marko Simonovic
12  Allosemy, idioms, and their domains: Evidence from adjectival participles Elena Anagnostopoulou and Yota Samioti
13  The ‘No Agent Idioms’ hypothesis Heidi Harley and Megan Stone
14 On the syntax and semantics of the Japanese comparative Hazel Pearson
15  Bare number Theodora Alexopoulou, Raffaella Folli, and George Tsoulas
16  Obligatory resumption in Greek free and restrictive relatives Evangelia Daskalaki and Marios Mavrogiorgos
17  Ethical datives: A puzzle for syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces Dimitris Michelioudakis and Eleni Kapogianni
18  The syntacticization of discourse Liliane Haegeman and Virginia Hill
19  A syntactic answer to a pragmatic puzzle: The case of asymmetric and Bronwyn Moore Bjorkmam