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45th Algonquian conference, Oct 18-20

The 45th Algonquian conference will take place at Ottawa U from Oct 18-20, organized by Eric Mathieu with Brandon Fry and a team of student volunteers. Details (including the programme and registration) are at http://artsites.uottawa.ca/algonquian45/en/.

Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, October 17-20

Juana Liceras and Elena Valenzuela will be organizing the 2013 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium at Ottawa from October 17–20, and one of the keynote speakers will be our very own Ana Arregui. Details at http://artsites.uottawa.ca/hls2013/.

Shana Poplack in Trondheim

Shana will be giving a plenary address (“Assessing the permeability of grammars in contact situations: a variationist approach”) at the Parallel Grammars and Multilingualism conference, held in October at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. During the same visit, she will also be teaching a Ph.D. course on multilingualism and grammar. More details at http://www.ntnu.edu/multilingualism.

Forthcoming presentations

Here’s a (probably very incomplete) list of forthcoming conference appearances by people in the department.

  • Our postdoc David-Etienne Bouchard will be representing us at NELS (University of Connecticut), with a presentation entitled “Fully elliptical comparatives”.
  • Michele Burkholder, Laura Sabourin, Christie Brien, and Aysegul Kutlu will be presenting “Age of acquisition and the bilingual lexicon: Behavioural and neurophysiological approaches” at the International Conference on Multilingualism: Linguistic Challenges and Neurocognitive Mechanisms in Montreal.
  • Laura Kastronic will be presenting a paper entitled “A Variationist approach to liaison in Gatineau French” at the annual meeting of the LSA (Minneapolis) in January 2014.
  • Laura Kastronic and Shana Poplack will be presenting a paper entitled “The (North) American English subjunctive in the 21st century: Revival or remnant?” at NWAV42 in Pittsburgh in October.
  • Also at NWAV: Robert Prazeres and Stephen Levey will be presenting “A cross-varietal perspective on case variation in co-ordinate noun phrases”.
  • Rachel Klassen and Juana Liceras are presenting “Non-similar grammatical gender systems in the mental lexicon: A study of Spanish–German bilinguals” at the 38th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development.
  • Also at BUCLD, Jamie White, with his UCLA co-authors Megha Sundara and Yun Kim, will present “There is no pat in patting: Acquisition of phonological alternations by English-learning 12-month-olds”.
  • Jamie will also be presenting “Role of perceptual similarity in the acquisition of phonological alternations: A biased Maximum Entropy learning model” at BUCLD.
  • Tania Zamuner, Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, and Michael Page (University of Hertfordshire) will present their poster “Spoken word recognition of produced versus heard words” at the 2013 Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting in Toronto.

Santa Vinerte in Poland

In May, Santa Vinerte took part in the International Workshop on Bilingualism and Cognitive Control in Krakow. Her poster “Effects of Bilingualism on Cognitive Control in Stroop and ANT Tasks” won 3rd place in the conference’s poster competition. Congratulations, Santa!

Canadian Linguistic Association 2013

The annual meeting of the Canadian Linguistics Association took place at the University of Victoria, June 1-3. There were five presentations by Ottawa U people, past and present:

  • Nikolas Gisborne (University of Edinburgh) & Robert Truswell “The origins of clause-medial wh-relatives in Middle English”
  • Éric Mathieu “Plurals versus pluratives”
  • Paul Melchin & Robert Truswell “Noun phrases and nonprojecting heads”
  • Solveiga Armoskaite & Carrie Gillon (Arizona State University) “50 shades of definiteness”
  • Cassandra Chapman (MA 2012) “A revised analysis of EPP-feature checking: The case of Modern French”

Photos from the conference (thanks to Françoise Moreau-Johnson):

LSA summer school

Six of our grad students participated in this year’s LSA summer school at the University of Michigan. Reza Falahati, Brandon Fry, Nicté Fuller Medina, Sonia Pritchard, Tharanga Weerasooriya, and Gita Zareikar took far too many courses and had far too much fun. Here are the photos to prove it.

15th Diachronic Generative Syntax conference, August 1-3

The 15th Diachronic Generative Syntax conference took place at Ottawa U, from Aug 1-3, organized by Éric Mathieu, Rob Truswell, and Nova Starr, with help from our volunteers, Brandon Fry, Simon-Pier Labelle-Hogue, Paul Melchin, Tharanga Weerasooriya, and Meng Yang. Rob also presented a poster, “Where do relative pronouns come from” with Nikolas Gisborne (University of Edinburgh).

Many handouts and slides from the conference are available on the conference website. Photos of the event are here.

Marisa Rivero in Bulgaria

In May 2013, Marisa Rivero was an invited speaker at the Third International Congress of Bulgarian Studies in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she spoke on Bulgarian semantic imperfectives. She was also an invited speaker in a panel organized by the Institute for Bulgarian Language “Lyubomir Andreychin” of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and of Sophia University, where she spoke on Bulgarian evidentials. Our Department of Linguistics was represented at this panel by two additional speakers: Nikolay Slavkov (2009 PhD), now an Assistant Professor at the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute; and Olga Arnaudova (2003 PhD).

Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference @Ottawa U

The 15th Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference (DiGS 15)will be held at the University of Ottawa from August 1-3 2013. DiGS is an established international conference which brings together researchers working on syntactic change within a generative framework. The organizers are Eric Mathieu and Rob Truswell.

You will find information about the conference here: http://artsites.uottawa.ca/digs15/

The provisional programme can be found here: http://artsites.uottawa.ca/digs15/programme/

Change and Variation in Canada 7

The seventh annual Change and Variation in Canada (CVC) workshop was held at the University of Toronto on May 5th 2013.

Philip Comeau (post-doctoral researcher, University of Ottawa) was an invited speaker. The title of his presentation was “Le rôle de la négation en français laurentien et en français acadien“. (abstract)

Present also at the workshop were Robert Prazeres and Stephen Levey, who presented a paper with title “Between you and I: Case variation in coordinate noun phrases in Canadian English ” (abstract)


Conference at McGill: Implicatures, alternatives, and the semantics/pragmatics interface

On May 23-25 the McGill Syntactic Interfaces Research Group will host an international workshop on the semantics/pragmatics interface. Registration is FREE. You will find information about the conference here: https://sites.google.com/site/eti2pragmatics/

The invited participants are:

CLA 2013 Program

The Canadian Linguistics Association will hold its 2013 Congress at the University of Victoria on June 1-3.  You can find the program here: http://homes.chass.utoronto.ca/~cla-acl/prog2013.html

Our department will be well-represented:

Solveiga Armoskaite & Carrie Gillon (Arizona State): 50 Shades of Definiteness

Nikolas Gisborne (Edinburgh) & Robert Truswell: The origins of clause-medial wh-relatives in Middle English.

Eric Mathieu: Plurals vs. Pluratives

Robert Truswell & Paul Melchin: Noun Phrases and Non-Projecting Heads


And, the CLA on Facebook!! Yes!! Here: https://www.facebook.com/CanLingAssocCanLing?fref=ts

(Thanks Eric Mathieu)

Andres Salanova at WSCLA

Andrés Salanova was an invited speaker at the 18th Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas, held at the University of California, Berkeley on April 5-7 2013. He gave a talk with title “On the character of languages of active typology: A reconsideration of Klimov’s approach to split-intransitivity”  . You can find the program here: http://linguistics.berkeley.edu/~wscla/wscla-program.html.

Brendan McDonald presentations

Brendan McDonald has recently made two presentations on his work on expressives. He presented the paper “The compositionality of Expressives” at the Western Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Language Research in March 15-16 (conference information here: http://www.uwo.ca/linguistics/wisslr/wisslr_2013.html). And he presented the paper “Expressivity and the Prosodic Domain” at the 8th Annual Symposium of the Purdue Linguistics Association in Purdue University in Indiana on March 29-30 (conference information here:  http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~pla2006/symposium.htm). Congratulations Brendan!