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Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Semantics Workshop

The 9th annual meeting of the TOM Semantics Workshop will take place at McGill on April 23. You will find the program here.  Members from our department will make the following presentations:

Jumanah Abusulaiman: Epistemic modality in Makkan Arabic: the case of ‘qad’

Brandon Fry and Eric Mathieu: A study of the semantics of Ojibwe cross-clausal agreement.

Vesela Simeonova: Mirativity in Bulgarian and Turkish: a semantic account.

Ottawa Invasion of Stony Brook University

A few members of our department are heading to Stony Brook University to attend LSRL46 (Linguistics Symposium on Romance Languages), WARL (Workshop on Arabic and Romance Linguistics) and ASAL 30 (Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics):

Poplack, Shana, Torres Cacoullos, Rena, Berlinck, Rosane de Andrade, Digesto, Salvatore, Dion, Nathalie,Lacasse, Dora & Steuck, Jonathan: “Tracking grammaticalization across Romance: Evidence from the subjunctiv.e” (LSRL)

Roussel, Basile. “Linguistic variation in a minority setting: A variationist study of subjunctive use in Acadian French.” (LSRL)

Poplack, Shana, Sayahi, Lotfi, Mourad, Nahed & Dion, Nathalie. “Adding a little Romance: Lone French nouns in Tunisian Arabic discourse.” (WARL)

(Thanks Nathalie!)

Myriam Lapierre, Bernat Bardagil Mas and Andrés Salanova at Amazonicas VI

Our department will be represented at the sixth meeting of Amazonicas with the following talk:

Lapierre, M., Bardagil Mas, B., Salanova, A. P.: “A Reconstruction of Proto-Northern Jê Phonemics.”

The conference will take place on May 24-28 at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Psychoshorts 2016 (huge success!!)

PsychoShorts, a one-day psycholinguistics conference, took place in Hamelin Hall on Saturday, February 27th. This year’s conference featured an excellent keynote by Dr. Josée Lagacé, Associate Professor in the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Program at the University of Ottawa, followed by talks and posters by students and professors from McGill University, Université de Montréal, Centre for Research on Brain Language and Music, Carleton University, McMaster University, Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch, Concordia University, and of course, the University of Ottawa. It was wonderful to see so much great research and such enthusiastic discussion!

Thank you to the conference participants and the ERPLing Lab volunteers for making this year’s PsychoShorts a success!

Presentations by Brandon Fry

Brandon will be making a series of presentations in the coming months:

(1) Cross-clausal agreement in Algonquian: its wide implications for syntactic theory. Invited speaker at 21st Workshop on Structure and Constituency of the Languages of the Americas (WSCLA 21), 1 April, 2016, UQAM, Montreal, Canada.

(2) Better Late than Neglected? Talk to be given at MOTH syntax workshop, 15-16 April, 2016, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Mississauga, Canada.

(3) Tout n’est pas relatif: les complétives en ojibwé. Communication par affiche au congrès annuel de l’Association canadienne de linguistique (ACL) 2016, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada.


Presentations by Basile Roussel

Basile will be presenting at the following conferences:

Roussel, B. Linguistic variation in a minority setting: a variationist study of subjunctive use in Acadian French. 46th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL 46), Stony Brook University (SUNY), New York. April 2016. (Poster presentation)

Roussel, B. Deux auxiliaires pour le prix d’un: l’alternance entre avoir et être en français acadien. Les français d’ici International Symposium, Université de Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg, MB. June 2016.

Basile was also asked to give a guest conference at Nepean High School in Ottawa to introduce students to Linguistics: Quel français parlons-nous? Introduction à l’étude de la variation linguistique. Guest lecture for the University of Ottawa Professor-Ambassadors Program to introduce high school students to Linguistics, Nepean High School, Ottawa, ON. May 2016.


Presentations by Kathleen Strader

Kathleen made a presentation at the Winter 2016 meting of the  SPCL (Society of Pidgin and Creole languages) which is attached to the LSA. Her presentation title was `’DP structure in Michif evidence for a unified syntax’.

Kathleen will also be making a presentation on Michif adjectives at the April meeting of WSCLA (Workshop on the structure and constituency of the languages of the Americas). https://sites.google.com/site/wscla2016/home


Presentations by Tharanga Weerasooriya

Tharanga has two upcoming presentations:

(1) A poster presentation titled `Expressing Exhaustivity and Ant-exhaustivity with Q-articles in Sinhala’, at the 6th Formal Approaches to South Asian Linguistics held 12-13 March 2016 at UMass Amherst.

(2) A paper presentation titled `Deriving Ignorance in the Nominal Domain in Sinhala: a disjunction based account’ at the 32nd South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable (SALA-32), held 27-29 March at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Congratulations Tharanga!


Congratulations to Yukiko Yoshizumi

Yukiko Yoshizumi successfully defended her PhD dissertation. The title of her thesis is !A Canadian Perspective on Japanese-English Language Contact”. The thesis supervisor was Prof. Stephen Levey.



Algonquian Reading Group

The next meeting of the Algonquian Reading Group will take place on Wednesday February 3, at 2.30. Brandon will present Déchaine, Cook, Muehlbauer and Waldie (2015) on evidentiality. Please contact Kathleen Strader for more details (kathleen.strader-at-uottawa.ca).

More research news (Lyra Maglaughlin, Myriam Lapierre, Gita Zareikar and Andrés Salanova)

Lyra in the Journal of Phonetics!

Lyra Magloughli’s article “Accounting for variability in North American English /ɹ/: Evidence from children’s articulation” has been published in the Journal of Phonetics. Congratulations Lyra!


Myriam goes to the 2015 Annual Meeting on Phonology (Vancouver October 2015):

Myriam Lapierre presented the poster An acoustic and theoretical analysis of the nasal vowels of Mẽbêngôkre and Panará at AMP 2015.

Congratulations Myriam!

Gita and Andrés at “Turkish, Turkic, and the languages of Turkey”
Gita Zareikar and Andrés Salanova presented the paper “Aspect and evidentiality in Azeri” at the conference “Turkish, Turkic, and the languages of Turkey” held at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst on November 2015. Congratulations!

Presentations and News

It has been a busy time for students and profs in the Department. Here are some of the presentations that have taken place (more or less) recently that we have not mentioned elsewhere in this issue (alphabetical order, first name!). Send us your news if we have missed you!

Abdulrahman Alamri & Tania Zamuner [Poster]

Phonological, Semantic, and Root Activation in Spoken Word Recognition in Arabic” , CLA 2015.

Andrew McKishnie and Paul Melchin [Presentation]

“Case-stacking in Russian and the Genitive of Negation”, Northwest Linguistics Conference, Victoria, BC, April 26

Andrew McKishnie and Paul Melchin [Presentation]

“Russian numerals and agreement mismatches”, 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Leiden University (Netherlands), 2-5 September 2015.

Basile Roussel [Presentation

"Le français acadien, une variété conservatrice? L’exemple de l’usage du subjonctif dans le Nord-Est du Nouveau Brunswick", CLA 2015.

Brandon Fry [Presentation]

“On phi-Agree and Total Transfer”. Dog Days of Syntax workshop, August 12, 2015, University of Toronto.

Daiho Kitaoka [Presentation]

“An applicative approach to major object constructions in Korean”, International Circle of Korean Linguists (ICKL) at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. July 24-26.

Daiho Kitaoka  & Sara Mackenzie [Presentation]

Evidence for the mora: Analysis of a Japanese reversing game“, CLA 2015.

Elena Valenzuela, Kristina Borg, Rachel Klassen, & Tania Zamuner [Poster]

Code-switched relative clause constructions and bilingual sentence processing: An eye-tracking study“, CLA 2015.

Éric Mathieu & Gita Zareikar [Presentation]

Bottles of milk and cups of sugar: A cross-linguistic perspective on measure constructions“, CLA 2015

Éric Mathieu & Gita Zareikar [Poster]

Plurality and measure words: classifying versus counting“, NELS 2015, Concordia.

Félix Desmeules-Trudel [Poster]

Propriétés aérodynamiques et comparaison des voyelles nasales et potentiellement nasalisées en français québécois“, CLA 2015

Kyumin Kim and Paul Melchin [Presentation]

Pluralizer as a nP modifier: Evidence from Korean -tul” [CLA 2015]

Kyumin Kim and Paul Melchin [Presentation]

“Two types of plurals in Korean: modifying (-tul) and grammatical (CL) plural”, International Circle of Korean Linguists (ICKL) at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. July 24-26.

Laura Kastronic [Presentation]

A comparative variationist analysis of subjunctive use in Hexagonal French and Quebec French“, CLA 2015.

María Luisa Rivero, Ana Arregui & Nikolay Slavkov [Presentation]

Grammaticalizing ‘big’ situations in Bulgarian“, CLA 2015.
Marc Brunelle [Poster]

A corpus-based study of prominence and stress in Vietnamese“, CLA 2015.

Michèle Burkholder [Presentation]

Les faux-amis: Investigating lexico-semantic ambiguity across two languages“, CLA 2015.

Nova Starr [Poster]

Voice and general number in Tagalog“, CLA 2015

Paul Melchin [Presentation]

Diagnosing pronominal category in Japanese and Mandarin” [CLA 2015]

Saleh AlQahtani & Laura Sabourin [Poster]

Syntactic processing of subjects in different word orders in Arabic: Do Arabic heritage speakers differ from native speakers when processing SVO/VSO order?“, CLA 2015

Santa Vīnerte & Laura Sabourin [Poster]

Bilingualism and Cognitive Control: The ANT in a Canadian Context.”  CLA 2015

Shana Poplack, Rosane de Andrade Berlinck, Salvatore Digesto & Nathalie Dion [Presentation]

A pan-Romance perspective on subjunctive variability“, CLA 2015.

Shana Poplack, Lotfi Sayahi, Nahed Mourad & Nathalie Dion [Presentation]

Mixing typologically different languages: The behaviour of French nouns in Tunisian Arabic“, CLA 2015.

Vesela Simeonova & Gita Zareikar [Presentation]

“The syntax of evidential in Azeri, Bulgarian and Persian” MOTH March 2015

Vesela Simeonova [Presentation]

“On the relation between miratives and evidentials”, TOM 8, Carelton, 2015.

Vesela Simeonova &  Gita Zareikar [Presentation]

The syntax of evidentials in Azeri, Bulgarian and Persian “, CLA 2015.

Vesela Simeonova [Presentation]

Evidentials with attitude!“, CLA 2015

Vesela Simeonova [Presentation]

“On the relation between miratives, exclamatives, and evidential”, Slavic Linguistic Society 2015, Heidelberg University.

Vesela Simeonova [Invited Presentation]

“On tense, aspect, and mood interaction in Bulgarian and Slavic”, Workshop at the Slavic Linguistic Society 2015, Heidelberg University.

Brandon Fry wins best student paper award at CLA

Brandon Fry won the award for best student paper at this year’s CLA meeting. The paper’s title was “The derivation of theme-signs in Algonquin Ojibwe: A multiple agree approach“. This is what the committee had to say:

“Fry’s talk addressed the derivational nature of theme-signs in Algonquin Ojibwe, proposing that their form is a morpho-phonological reflex of Multiple Agree of a higher functional head with both the subject and the object. The judges were impressed by the clarity of the presentation of this rather complex topic, by its accessibility for the non-Algonquian specialist, and by Fry’s command of the technical literature referenced in his proposal. In addition, the judges appreciated how Fry engaged the audience and handled the questions that his talk inspired.”

You can find the paper here: http://cla-acl.ca/wp-content/uploads/Fry.pdf. Congratulations Brandon!

Brandon Fry at Protolang

Brandon Fry attended the Protolang conference in Rome this year  (http://protolang.org).  Here is his report:

“I attended the 4th edition of the conference Protolang in Rome from September 24-26. The talks included a wide variety of topics, from changes in brain organization (specifically globularization) that may have played a role in the emergence of the language faculty, to the uniquely human bias to (logically incorrectly) assume that an implication in one direction (A -> B) also holds true in the other direction (B -> A) and the role of this assumption in the acquisition of word meaning, to the emergence of systematic structure in artificial communication systems. The invited speakers included Ian Tattersall and Michael Corballis.”

A conference souvenir: 

Shana Poplack receives Order of Canada

Shana Poplack has received the Order of Canada medal from the Governor General in a ceremony that took place on February 13 at Rideau Hall. Congratulations!