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Joint meeting of MOLT Phonology Workshop and MOTH Syntax Workshop

The following talks and posters from uOttawa will be presented at the MO{L}T{H} on March 22nd and 23rd at McGill.

Daryl Chow: The Prosody of Function Words in Singapore English
Jumanah Abusulaiman: DP argument of a generalized quanti cational kul in Standard Arabic
Gita Zareikar: Division Heads in Azeri
Abedalaziz Jaradat: The Syntactic and Focus Impact on Prosodic Phrasing and Metrical Structure in Jordanian Arabic
John Jensen & Margaret Stong-Jensen: The role of contrast in vowel harmony
Brandon J Fry: {a}  at the interfaces: a derivational approach
James White: Role of perceptual similarity in learning phonological alternations
Paul Melchin: On DPs, NPs, and their respective pronouns
Vesela Simeonova: Agents in subjunctive complements
Michael David Hamilton and Brandon J Fry: Accounting for patterns of long-distance agreement in Algonquian
Eric Mathieu: The conjunct/participial alternation in Ojibwe wh interrogatives
Peter Milne: Comparing automatic and manual identication of the variable pronunciations of word fi nal consonant clusters in French
Meng Yang: The Prosody of Kunming Mandarin: interplay between lexical tone, sentence intonation, and focus

Ottawa skating on the canal

A brave ‘group’ from linguistics ventured down to the canal to take advantage of the bitter cold – skating on the canal.

No beavers tails were harmed.

Centre for Child Language Research at Funganza, Kidsfest and Ottawa Baby Show

Stephen Levey and Tania Zamuner, with Chris Fennell (Language Development Lab, Psychology) and Cristina Attance (Childhood Cognition and Learning Lab, Psychology), showcased the Centre for Child Language Research at Funganza at Funhaven in Febuary 2014. Upcoming events are at Kidsfest in April and the Ottawa Baby Show in May 2014.

Recent presentations at 88th Annual Meeting of the LSA

Here are some of the recent presentations from uOttawa at the 88th Annual Meeting of the LSA in Minneapolis….

  • James White presented “Learning alternations in a maximum entropy model: The role of perceptual similarity”
  • Laura Kastronic presented “A variationist approach to liaison in Gatineau French”
  • Ana Arregui, Maria Luisa Riverso & Andres Salanova presented “Aspect and tense in evidentials




Recent publications

Recent publications from people in the department include the following:

Wine and cheese – Jan. 10th, 2014

The Department of Linguistics hosted a Wine and Cheese on Friday Jan. 10th as an information session for students interested in the graduate program.

It was a great success and in the words of an undergraduate who attended “It was really great to get a chance to think about our futures in such a positive and encouraging atmosphere, and you can’t go wrong with free baguette! The Wine and Cheese made me excited about continuing my education at uOttawa“.

Recent presentations

Once again, we’ve been out spreading the word across the globe. In the last few weeks:

  • Nicté Fuller-Medina presented “The syntax of [hacer + V]: Haciendo borrow in Belizean Spanish” at October’s Hispanic Linguistics Symposium here in Ottawa.
  • Laura Sabourin, Christie Brien, Aysegul Kutlu, and Michele Burkholder attended the International Conference on Multilingualism (Montreal, October 24–5) and presented “Age of acquisition and the bilingual lexicon: Behavioural and neurophysiological approaches”
  • Andrew McKishnie travelled to Moscow this October, to present a synopsis of his UVic MA thesis on secondary predicates in three Slavic languages. Here’s an action shot:
  • Félix Desmeules-Trudel presented “Perception of Quebec French nasal vowels by Brazilian learners: Acoustic and perceptual factors” at the 37th meeting of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association (November 1–2; Moncton, NB).
  • Our syntacticians more or less took over the Bilingual Workshop on Theoretical Linguistics (Waterloo, ON; December 6), with oral presentations by Ekab AlShawashreh, Eric Mathieu (solo and with Brandon Fry), Paul Melchin, and Gita Zareikar; and posters by Brandon Fry and Nova Starr, as well as a further presentation by Ottawa U alumna Cassandra Chapman (now at McMaster). Here are some pictures (thanks: Nova Starr):

Dr. Joseph Roy!

Joe Roy successfully defended his PhD thesis, “The perfect approach to adverbs”, on November 13. Congratulations, Joe! More photos from the defence are here.

Joe is now on his way to a new position as a Visiting Research Engineer at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. All the best for the future, Joe!

Convocation 2013

Congratulations to our grad students who attended convocation in early November to receive their degrees:

  • Christie Brien
  • Reza Falahati
  • MA:
  • Sarah Colby
  • Brandon Fry
  • Simon-Pier Labelle-Hogue
  • Brendan MacDonald
  • Paul Melchin
  • Françoise Moreau-Johnson
  • Elizabeth Morin-Lessard
  • Ana Sofia Niembro
  • Nova Starr
  • Meng Yang

Here are some photos from the event (credit: Nova Starr). In one of them, you can see copies of Ne me parlez pas de mon mémoire, the collection of last year’s mémoires produced by Françoise and Simon-Pier.

LIN5903 presentations

Tuesday December 2 saw a mini-conference composed of presentations from this year’s Sociolinguistics I students. A programme for the event is here; and some photos are below.

NWAV postmortem

As reported last issue we had several talks at this year’s NWAV. Back in Ottawa, the sociolinguistics lab put on a repeat performance for those of us who couldn’t make it to Pittsburgh. Photos below.

Comings and goings

As usual, it’s been all change in the department over the summer.  As reported last issue, we have lost two faculty members (Marie-Hélène Côté and Jeff Mielke), and gained one (Jamie White).  Also over the summer:

  • Solveiga Armoskaite, LIN2310 lecturer and Syntax-Semantics Research Group member, has taken up a position as visiting professor at Rochester.
  • Nikolay Slavkov (PhD 2009) has returned to Ottawa, to take up a position as assistant professor in the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute.
  • Ladan Hamedani (PhD 2011) has a new position at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.
  • Dora Mihoc (MA 2012) is moving to Boston, to start a PhD in Linguistics at Harvard.
  • Sarah Colby (MA 2013) is moving to McGill, for a PhD in Communication Science.
  • Simon-Pier Labelle-Hogue (MA 2013) is also moving to McGill, for a PhD in the Sociology of Québec Literature, with a Vanier Scholarship.
  • Brendan McDonald (MA 2013) is going to Western for an M.Sc.Cl in Audiology.

Christie Brien, PhD!

Christie Brien successfully defended her dissertation last month. Congratulations, Christie! (More photos at http://artsites.uottawa.ca/erplinglab/news/).

Santa Vinerte in Poland

In May, Santa Vinerte took part in the International Workshop on Bilingualism and Cognitive Control in Krakow. Her poster “Effects of Bilingualism on Cognitive Control in Stroop and ANT Tasks” won 3rd place in the conference’s poster competition. Congratulations, Santa!

Adlinga social

Adlinga, the departmental grad student association, held their first social of the year at MacLaren’s – pool, beer, and linguistics in one handy package. (Photos from Vesela Simeonova).