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Carleton Speaker Series: Tania Zamuner (Jan. 18th, 4pm)

Exploring the role of production in language development

Tania Zamuner, University of Ottawa

Jan. 18th, 2013
4 p.m.
Location: Paterson 111

This event is sponsored by School of Linguistics and Language Studies


Abstract:  Exploring the role of production in language development
As children learn language, they spontaneously produce the speech of those around them. This work explores what function and impact these productions have for the development of learners’ phonological and lexical representations. One central issue is whether production is a mechanism that supports language learning. A second issue is whether production impacts learners’ representations. If so, this should be reflected in language processing. Learners should be faster or more accurate at perceiving words that they have produced. To examine these issues, I will discuss data from an experimental study looking at the impact of production on word learning, and discuss the issues from a psycholinguistics perspective.

Andrés goes to WSCLA

Andés Salanova will be one of the invited speakers at this year’s edition of the Workshop on Structure and Constituency of the Languages of the Americas, to be held at Berkely April 5-7.

You can find information about the conference here: