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Talk by Ivona Kucerova at Carleton University

Ivona Kucerova will be giving a talk with title “On Nominativeness” at Carleton University (DT2203) this Friday (September 30) at 3pm. Please contact Lev Blumenfeld if you have any questions.

Gita Zareikar at “Dimensions of D” workshop

Gita Zareikar presented a paper together with Solveiga Armoskaite and Carrie Gillon at the “Dimensions of D” workshop, held at the University of Rochester on September 16-18 2016.  The title of their paper was: “Specificity: the trouble with case and numerals“. Congratulations!

Upcoming Department Colloquia

Here are some preliminary news about the  invited speakers that will be giving colloquium talks at our department this academic year. Details, titles, and abstracts to follow; by default, talks will be taking place on Wednesday afternoons.

Oct 11-12: Rajesh Bhatt (UMass-Amherst) [Rajesh will be visiting the department for two days and give two or three talks on different topics]

Nov 9: Meghan Clayards (McGill)

Nov 23: Michael Barrie (Sogang University)

Jan 25: Pavel Trofimovich (Concordia)

Feb 8: Guillaume Thomas (U Toronto)

+ probably one further talk in March, TBA

Please mark your calendars!

( from Dennis & Shana)

Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates (OCLU)

The Department of Linguistics of the University of Ottawa is pleased to announce that it will host its eighth Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates (OCLU 2016) on Saturday, 27th November, 2016. OCLU will also include a session for M.A. students. The conference provides a supportive environment in which undergraduates and M.A. students can disseminate their research findings, hone their presentation skills, and network with other students and faculty who share their academic interests.

Conference website: http://www.oclu2016.com

Call for papers deadline: October 14 (more information here: http://www.oclu2016.com/OCLU_Call_for_Papers.html)

Ottawa-Carleton Linguistics Reading Group

Here is a description of the reading group from Dan Siddiqi:

“We meet every week as a general linguistics topics group.  We cover a variety of topics though mostly what we do is talk about papers that have been relevant to our research lately (by presenting some paper that is relevant) or we present on our current work.  We have also just used the time as a round table to just generally talk about current topics in linguistics.  In short, this is an hour a week where we get together as a group and be linguists.”

The first meeting will take place at Carleton University: Friday September 16, at 2.30 in Dutton 2203.

At the first meeting, there will be a presentation by Dan Siddiqi (a preview of a talk he will be giving in Berlin). Please get in touch with Dan if you would like to be on the group’s mailing list (daniel_siddiqi”at”Carleton.ca).

Dennis Ott at the LSA

Together with Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Dennis will be organizing a session on VP-fronting at the LSA in Austin, TX, January 2017. The session will feature talks by Laruen Eby-Clemens, Anya Lunden & Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Jason Kandybowicz, Gary Thoms & Goerge Walkden, and Lisa Travis. Stay tuned!

CLA 2016

This year’s meeting of the Canadian Linguistics Association will take place in Calgary from May 28 to June 3. You will find conference info here and the program. Many department members will be presenting talks and posters:

Brandon J. Fry (Ottawa)
Tout n’est pas relatif : les compléments phrastiques en ojibwé

Daiho Kitaoka & Kathleen Strader (Ottawa)

Relative Clauses in Michif

Paul B. Melchin (Ottawa)

Nahed Mourad (Ottawa)

Revisiting Borrowings into Arabic: Evidence from Lone English Nouns in Lebanese Arabic

Laura Sabourin, Jean-Christophe Leclerc, Myriam Lapierre, Michelle Burkholder & Christie Brien (Ottawa)


LabPhon15 @Cornell

LabPhone 15 “Speech Dynamics and Phonological Representations” will take place at Cornell University on July 13-16 2016. You will find the conference schedule here.  Lyra Magloughlin will present a paper titled: “An Apparent Time Study of Turbulent Sounds in Raleigh, NC English” at the satellite workshop Dynamics and Representations of Turbulent Sounds. Marc Brunelle will present a co-authored paper with title “Individual specificity, redundancy and the evolution of phonological systems: Intonation in a tone language” in the main conference program.

Dennis Ott in Barcelona

Dennis Ott will be an invited keynote speaker at the workshop “The Syntax-Discourse Interface: Approaches, Phenomena, and Variation” at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 10-11 November 2016.

Pictures from SULA 2016

Kate Riccomini and Andrés Salanova presented their work at the conference Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas (this year, at Santa Cruz – see here). Kate presented a paper with title “The semantics of Ojibwa theme-signs and argument structure” (abstract here) and Andrés presented a co-authored paper with title “Mirativity without contradiction or exclamation in Guaraní “ra’e” (abstract here).

You will find pictures from the conference scrolling down here. Here are a couple:


Sarah Murray colloquium

Prof. Sarah Murray (Cornell University) will be giving a colloquium talk at our Department on Wednesday March 30 at 2.30 pm, Hamelin 509. The title of the talk will be “Evidentials and Illocutionary mood in Cheyenne”. There will be a small reception in Salon Monet afterwards. Everyone is welcome!

Montreal-Ottawa-Laval-Toronto Phonology Workshop

The MOLT Workshop took place at Carleton University from March 18 to March 20. Here is the workshop website: https://sites.google.com/site/carletonmolt2016/. Many members of our Department made presentations:

Myriam Lapierre: The nasal consonants of Panará

Daiho Kitaoka: Morification in Japanese: An analysis of a reversing game

Félix Desmeules-Trudel and Tania Zamuner: Processing ambiguous vowel nasalization in Canadian French: Reaction times and eye movements

Marc Brunelle: When intonation fails to phonologize: The case of Southern Vietnamese

John Jensen and Margaret Strong-Jensen: Opacity, Transparency, and Locality

If you look at the program, you will see old friends too!

Daiho Kitaoka and Tharanga Weerasooriya at WCCFL

Daiho Kitaoka and Tharanga Weerasooriya will be presenting their research at the 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, to be held at the University of Utah in April 29-May 1: http://linguistics.utah.edu/news-and-events/WCCFL34.php.

Daiho Kitaoka: ”An application approach to Major Object Constructions in East Asian Languages” (poster)

Tharanga Weerasooriya: ”Deriving free choice, specificity and ignorance with Q-particles in Sinhala”(presentation)


Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Languages of the Americas

The 21st Worskhop on Structure and Constituency in Languages of the Americas will take place at UQAM in April 1-3. You will find the conference workshop here: https://sites.google.com/site/wscla2016/.  Here is the program.

Bernat Bardagil-Mas (visiting us from the University of Groningen): Clitic-doubling and split ergativity in Panará.

Jérémie Beauchamp: The syntax and semantics of locatives and existentials in Mébengokre.

Brandon Fry: Cross-clausal agreement in Algonquian: its wide implications for syntactic theory. [Invited presentation]

Daiho Kitaoka: A labeling approach to sentence derivation in Ojibwe

Myriam Lapierre, Bernat Bardagil-Mas and Andrés Salanova: The nasal consonants of Panará

Andrés Salanova and Javier Carol: The Guaraní mirative evidential

Kathleen Strader: Agreement in Michif adjectives

Kate Riccomini and Andrés Salanova at SULA

Kate Riccomini and Andrés Salanova will make presentations at the 9th meeting of the conference Semantics of Under Represented Lanaguages of the Americas (SULA9). It will take place at the University of Santa Cruz on May 6-8. You will find the program here: http://babel.ucsc.edu/sula9/sula.program.html. Here is the information about their talks:

Kate Riccomini: The semantics of Ojibwe theme-signs and argument structure.

Andrés Salanova and Javier Carol: Mirativity without contradiction or exclamation in Guaraní “ra’e