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Recent presentations (May 2014)

Here are many recent presentations by members of the Linguistics department (by date):

Shana Poplack gave a plenary talk: Canadian French an endangered language? at the 36th International LAUD Symposium. University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany. March 31st -April 3rd.

Michael Hamilton (McGill University) & Brandon Fry (U Ottawa) gave a talk on “Long-distance agreement in Algonquian: Accounting for syntactic variation” at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS 50), April 11, 2014, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA.


Presentations at the 7th Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Semantics workshop, April 12th at U of Toronto

  • Invited speaker, Andres Salanova “Evidentiality’s relationship with tense and aspect: two problems
  • Tharanga Weerasooriya “Expressing exhaustivity and anti-exhaustivity in the nominal domain in Sinhala
  • Vesela Simeonova “Presumptive use of the future tense marker ‘sthe’ in Bulgarian”
  • Ana Werkmann “On Modal Strength in Croatian”


Brandon Fry & Éric Mathieu gave a talk on “Ojibwe words as complex heads?” at 19th Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas (WSCLA 19), April 25, 2014, Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

María Luisa Rivero and Vesela Simeonova (U Ottawa) presented “The inferential future in Bulgarian: An evidential modal Proposal” at the Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 23 on May 2-4th at Berkeley, California.


Presentations at Development 2014: A Canadian Conference on Developmental Psychology:

  • Thyra Driver and Chris Fennell “Lexical fast-mapping under 12 months of age”
  • Stephanie Strahm, Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, Mike Page and Tania Zamuner “The effect of production on word-learning in four to six year old children.

Upcoming presentations (Spring-Summer 2014)

Here are upcoming presentations from members of the Linguistics Department:


The Canadian Linguistics Association will hold the 2014 conference from May 24th to May 26th, 2014 at Brock University.

  • Philip Comeau (U Ottawa) Anne-José Villeneuve (U Toronto), The expression of future temporal reference in Picardie French
  • Jeffrey Lamontagne (U Ottawa) Examining ‘opposing’ processes in Quebec French mid vowels
  • Laura Sabourin, Jean-Christophe Leclerc, Michele Burkholder & Christie Brien (U Ottawa), Bilingual lexical organization: Is there a sensitive period?
  • Christie Brien & Laura Sabourin (U Ottawa) Age of L2 acquisition has a greater influence on L1 metalinguistic awareness than proficiency
  • Brandon J. Fry (Ottawa) The (un)interpretability of {α}: A derivational approach
  • María Luisa Rivero & Vesela Simeonova (U Ottawa), An evidential modal in Bulgarian: The inferential future

Upcoming plenary by Shana Poplack. 2014. Langue prescrite, langue d’usage.  Journées de linguistique suisse 8 (Swiss Linguistics Association), University of Zurich. June.

Upcoming talk Kastronic, Laura & Poplack, Shana. 2014. Be that as it may: The unremarkable trajectory of the (North) American English subjunctive. International Society for the Linguistics of England (ISLE) 3. University of Zurich. August.

Upcoming poster: Zamuner, T.S., Morin-Lessard, E., Strahn, S., & Page, M. (July 2014). Measuring the timecourse of spoken word recognition with and without productionInternational Association on the Study of Child Language, Amsterdam.

Upcoming symposium talk: Zamuner, T.S., Moore, C., Sullivan, E..,McIntyre, R., Weinhold, M., & Strahm, S. (July 2014). Picture naming task and the development of spoken word productionInternational Association on the Study of Child Language, Amsterdam.

Department Colloquium – Gillian Sankoff

The last linguistics colloquium of the year was given by Gillian Sankoff’s from the University of Pennsylvania on: Three trajectory types in language across the lifespan: Lessons from Montréal French.

Below are some pictures from the talk and reception, and a meeting at the Sociolab with Gillian Sankoff.

Some recent photos

Pictures from MOLTH (Montreal), TOM (Toronto), the triple birthday ADLINGA meeting, and the ADLINGA social.

Department Colloquia

The 2nd colloquium was given by Sali Tagliamonte (Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto)  on March 5th on A Sociolinguistic approach to the landscape of Ontario.

The 3rd colloquium will be held on Wednesday March 19th at 2pm, Simard 125. Chris Fennell (School of Psychology, uOttawa), will give a talk on Two languages in one tiny head: Bilingual phonological development in infancy.

Recent and upcoming presentations (March)

Recent presentations from our members:

  • Tania Zamuner gave an invited talk on “Spoken word production in early language development” at the McGill Psychology Department Cognitive Area Seminar in Montreal, Feb. 7th.
  • Stephen Levey will give an invited plenary on “The acquisition of variation and change in the quotative system: A preadolescent perspective” at Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change II (DipVac II) in Newcastle, U.K. on the 7th April 2014.
  • Robert Truswell and Nikolas Gisborne (University of Edinburgh) will be presenting “English wh-relatives: Towards an aetiology of a gradual syntactic change”  at Evolang X in Vienna, in a workshop on “How grammaticalization processes create grammar: From historical corpus data to agent-based models” (April 14-17).
  • Stephanie Strahm will give a poster presentation (with Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, Mike Page & Tania Zamuner) on “The effect of production on word-learning in four to six-year-old children” at Development 2014: A Canadian Conference on Developmental Psychology at Carleton in Ottawa (May 8-9).

Joint meeting of MOLT Phonology Workshop and MOTH Syntax Workshop

The following talks and posters from uOttawa will be presented at the MO{L}T{H} on March 22nd and 23rd at McGill.

Daryl Chow: The Prosody of Function Words in Singapore English
Jumanah Abusulaiman: DP argument of a generalized quanti cational kul in Standard Arabic
Gita Zareikar: Division Heads in Azeri
Abedalaziz Jaradat: The Syntactic and Focus Impact on Prosodic Phrasing and Metrical Structure in Jordanian Arabic
John Jensen & Margaret Stong-Jensen: The role of contrast in vowel harmony
Brandon J Fry: {a}  at the interfaces: a derivational approach
James White: Role of perceptual similarity in learning phonological alternations
Paul Melchin: On DPs, NPs, and their respective pronouns
Vesela Simeonova: Agents in subjunctive complements
Michael David Hamilton and Brandon J Fry: Accounting for patterns of long-distance agreement in Algonquian
Eric Mathieu: The conjunct/participial alternation in Ojibwe wh interrogatives
Peter Milne: Comparing automatic and manual identication of the variable pronunciations of word fi nal consonant clusters in French
Meng Yang: The Prosody of Kunming Mandarin: interplay between lexical tone, sentence intonation, and focus

Recent presentations at 88th Annual Meeting of the LSA

Here are some of the recent presentations from uOttawa at the 88th Annual Meeting of the LSA in Minneapolis….

  • James White presented “Learning alternations in a maximum entropy model: The role of perceptual similarity”
  • Laura Kastronic presented “A variationist approach to liaison in Gatineau French”
  • Ana Arregui, Maria Luisa Riverso & Andres Salanova presented “Aspect and tense in evidentials




Colloquia Feb. 7th – Kumiko Murasagi

The first colloquium of the year will be on Friday Feb. 7th. by Kumiko Murasagi from the School of Linguistics and Language Studies at Carleton University on “The Antipassive and Person Hierarchies in Inuktitut”.

Time: 2:30pm

Date: Feb. 7th, 2014

Place: Simard 129


Preparations are still underway for this semester’s program. The committee may still locked in the sociolinguistics lab, someone should check on them.


Recent presentations

Once again, we’ve been out spreading the word across the globe. In the last few weeks:

  • Nicté Fuller-Medina presented “The syntax of [hacer + V]: Haciendo borrow in Belizean Spanish” at October’s Hispanic Linguistics Symposium here in Ottawa.
  • Laura Sabourin, Christie Brien, Aysegul Kutlu, and Michele Burkholder attended the International Conference on Multilingualism (Montreal, October 24–5) and presented “Age of acquisition and the bilingual lexicon: Behavioural and neurophysiological approaches”
  • Andrew McKishnie travelled to Moscow this October, to present a synopsis of his UVic MA thesis on secondary predicates in three Slavic languages. Here’s an action shot:
  • Félix Desmeules-Trudel presented “Perception of Quebec French nasal vowels by Brazilian learners: Acoustic and perceptual factors” at the 37th meeting of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association (November 1–2; Moncton, NB).
  • Our syntacticians more or less took over the Bilingual Workshop on Theoretical Linguistics (Waterloo, ON; December 6), with oral presentations by Ekab AlShawashreh, Eric Mathieu (solo and with Brandon Fry), Paul Melchin, and Gita Zareikar; and posters by Brandon Fry and Nova Starr, as well as a further presentation by Ottawa U alumna Cassandra Chapman (now at McMaster). Here are some pictures (thanks: Nova Starr):


In the last few weeks, we’ve had a string of colloquia, featuring both our own researchers and visitors to the department:

  • Andrés Salanova gave a talk on applicatives and transitivity in two South American languages (joint work with Javier Carol, Universidad de Buenos Aires).
  • Shana Poplack presented research on preposition-stranding in Laurentian French (joint work with Ottawa’s Nathalie Dion and Lauren Zentz from Houston).
  • Susan Rvachew (McGill) presented on “Phonological errors in the speech of francophone children”.

Here’s a picture of the full house for Shana’s talk:

Preparations are underway for next semester’s program. The committee have been locked in the sociolinguistics lab and fed some wine, and they won’t be allowed out until they’ve found us plenty of willing speakers.

Watch this space…

LIN5903 presentations

Tuesday December 2 saw a mini-conference composed of presentations from this year’s Sociolinguistics I students. A programme for the event is here; and some photos are below.

NWAV postmortem

As reported last issue we had several talks at this year’s NWAV. Back in Ottawa, the sociolinguistics lab put on a repeat performance for those of us who couldn’t make it to Pittsburgh. Photos below.

Maria Polinsky colloquium & forthcoming schedule

Maria Polinsky came to Ottawa on Oct 4 for a colloquium talk entitled Direct and Inverse Scope: Can Chinese Turn into English, somehow managing to find a topic relevant to at least the semantics, sociolinguists, syntacticians, and experimental linguists among us.

The colloquium schedule for the rest of the semester is as follows (all talks Friday, 2:30pm):

Shana Poplack in Trondheim

Shana will be giving a plenary address (“Assessing the permeability of grammars in contact situations: a variationist approach”) at the Parallel Grammars and Multilingualism conference, held in October at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. During the same visit, she will also be teaching a Ph.D. course on multilingualism and grammar. More details at http://www.ntnu.edu/multilingualism.