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Forthcoming presentations

Here’s a (probably very incomplete) list of forthcoming conference appearances by people in the department.

  • Our postdoc David-Etienne Bouchard will be representing us at NELS (University of Connecticut), with a presentation entitled “Fully elliptical comparatives”.
  • Michele Burkholder, Laura Sabourin, Christie Brien, and Aysegul Kutlu will be presenting “Age of acquisition and the bilingual lexicon: Behavioural and neurophysiological approaches” at the International Conference on Multilingualism: Linguistic Challenges and Neurocognitive Mechanisms in Montreal.
  • Laura Kastronic will be presenting a paper entitled “A Variationist approach to liaison in Gatineau French” at the annual meeting of the LSA (Minneapolis) in January 2014.
  • Laura Kastronic and Shana Poplack will be presenting a paper entitled “The (North) American English subjunctive in the 21st century: Revival or remnant?” at NWAV42 in Pittsburgh in October.
  • Also at NWAV: Robert Prazeres and Stephen Levey will be presenting “A cross-varietal perspective on case variation in co-ordinate noun phrases”.
  • Rachel Klassen and Juana Liceras are presenting “Non-similar grammatical gender systems in the mental lexicon: A study of Spanish–German bilinguals” at the 38th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development.
  • Also at BUCLD, Jamie White, with his UCLA co-authors Megha Sundara and Yun Kim, will present “There is no pat in patting: Acquisition of phonological alternations by English-learning 12-month-olds”.
  • Jamie will also be presenting “Role of perceptual similarity in the acquisition of phonological alternations: A biased Maximum Entropy learning model” at BUCLD.
  • Tania Zamuner, Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, and Michael Page (University of Hertfordshire) will present their poster “Spoken word recognition of produced versus heard words” at the 2013 Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting in Toronto.

CLA 2013 Program

The Canadian Linguistics Association will hold its 2013 Congress at the University of Victoria on June 1-3.  You can find the program here: http://homes.chass.utoronto.ca/~cla-acl/prog2013.html

Our department will be well-represented:

Solveiga Armoskaite & Carrie Gillon (Arizona State): 50 Shades of Definiteness

Nikolas Gisborne (Edinburgh) & Robert Truswell: The origins of clause-medial wh-relatives in Middle English.

Eric Mathieu: Plurals vs. Pluratives

Robert Truswell & Paul Melchin: Noun Phrases and Non-Projecting Heads


And, the CLA on Facebook!! Yes!! Here: https://www.facebook.com/CanLingAssocCanLing?fref=ts

(Thanks Eric Mathieu)

Krista Byers-Heinlein colloquium Friday April 5

The last colloquium of the year for our department will take place this Friday (April 5th) at 2.30 pm in Arts 509. The presentation will be by Krista Byers-Heinlein (Concordia University), with title “Building two lexicons from scratch: The case of bilingual infants” (abstract below). Everyone is welcome!

Building two lexicons from scratch: The case of bilingual infants

Krista Byers-Heinlein

Building two lexicons from scratch: The case of bilingual infants
Many infants both in Canada and around the world grow up bilingual from birth. These infants must build a lexicon that can accommodate words from two languages, and typically do so via input from both monolingual and bilingual interlocutors. This talk will focus how learning words from two languages affects lexical development in simultaneous bilingual infants. Survey data from bilingual parents suggests that code switching is prevalent in the early language environments of many bilingual infants, and that exposure to code switching predicts children’s vocabulary size. Experimental eye tracking studies have begun to reveal how bilingual infants learn and recognize words in both single-language and code-switched contexts.  Our results suggest that bilingual infants adapt remarkably well to their challenging linguistic environments, but that early bilingualism does affect word learning in infancy.

Brendan McDonald presentations

Brendan McDonald has recently made two presentations on his work on expressives. He presented the paper “The compositionality of Expressives” at the Western Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Language Research in March 15-16 (conference information here: http://www.uwo.ca/linguistics/wisslr/wisslr_2013.html). And he presented the paper “Expressivity and the Prosodic Domain” at the 8th Annual Symposium of the Purdue Linguistics Association in Purdue University in Indiana on March 29-30 (conference information here:  http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~pla2006/symposium.htm). Congratulations Brendan!

Marie-Hélène Côté invited speaker

Marie-Hélène Côté has recently been invited to speak at the following conferences:

(1) “Le projet Phonologie du français contemporain: un outil pour l’analyse et l’enseignement du français”, Forum de recherche de l’Institut des langues officielles et du bilinguisme, Université d’Ottawa (Canada), 22 mars 2013.

(2) La syllabe dans l’organisation des systèmes sonores: questions et remises en question”, Colloque international « La nozione di sillaba. Stato dell’arte e prospettive », Gruppo di Studio sulla Comunicazione Parlata,Società di Linguistica Italiana, Università degli Studi G. D’Annunzio Chieti-Pescara (Italie), 11-13 avril 2013.
Get in touch with Marie-Hélène if you would like more details of her presentations!

Robert Henderson colloq at Carleton University

Robert Henderson will be giving a colloquium talk at Carleton University on Friday April 5 from 1-2.30 at Dunton 2203. Everyone is welcome!  Below is Robert’s description of his talk:

“I will talk about the semantics of appositive and projection for the LLI group. This is an extension of
work that I’ve been doing jointly with Adrian Brasoveanu and Scott AnderBois. Good background reading would be our paper from SALT the year before last. It certainly won’t be necessary to read that paper, since
in the talk I’ll go through the background, which is what this paper  covers. If people aren’t used to looking at dynamic predicate logic, it will probably be helpful though to get acquainted with the formalism  beforehand, which this paper should help with. http://elanguage.net/journals/salt/article/view/20.328/1327

Please get in touch with Lev Blumenfel (lev_blumenfeld-at-carleton.ca)  if you would like more details.


The Psychoshorts conference will take place on March 1st. You can find the program and room information here: http://artsites.uottawa.ca/psychoshorts/

Eric Mathieu invited speaker at MOTH

Eric Mathieu will be an invited speaker at the first meeting of MOTH on March 2 2013 (the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton Workshop in Syntax). The title of his talk is “Many a plural”. YOu will find information about the conference here:


Tharanga Weerasooriya will also make a presentation, entitled “Wh-in situ questions in Sinhala – a prosody account”.

Marc Brunelle invited speaker at BLS

Marc Brunelle was an invited speaker at BLS conference (Berkeley Linguistics Society). The conference took place on February 16-17 2013. March presented a talk with title “Tone-typology and contact-driven change in Mainland Southeast Asia” (the abstract to Marc’s talk can be found here: http://linguistics.berkeley.edu/bls/brunelle.pdf). Information about the conference and general program can be found here: http://linguistics.berkeley.edu/bls/program.html

MOT Phonology Workshop

The MOT phonology workshop will take place at the University of Ottawa, Simard 129, on March 15-17.  Everyone is welcome! You will find the progam below (keep clicking, it will show up!):


TOM (preliminary program)

The preliminary program for TOM is out. You will find it here: https://sites.google.com/site/tom6mcgill/program

Tharanga Weerasooriya and Eric Mathieu go to FASAL

Tharanga Weerasooriya and Eric Mathieu will be presenting their paper “Wh in situ and prosody: the case of Sinhala” at the 3rd Formal Approaches to South-East Asian Languages workshop (FASAL 3). The conference will take place at USC on March 9 – 10. You can find the program here:  Download FASAL3_final_program.

Thomas G. Bever at Carleton University

*Thomas G. Bever*, Professor of Cognitive Science, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Language Reading and Culture at the University of Arizona Tucson, will be at Carleton University *Mon. March 11-Thurs. March 14, 2013* as part of the Faculty of Arts and Social
Science’s Distinguished Visitor Program. Dr. Bever is one of the world’s leading scholars on the formal, psychological and biological properties of natural language. His visit is being hosted by the School of Linguistics and Language Studies, the Institute of Cognitive Science,
and the Department of Psychology.

Dr. Bever will be giving four lectures during his visit, and will also be available for meetings with individuals and groups. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with him please contact Kumiko Murasugi at Kumiko_murasugi@carleton.ca.

The preliminary schedule and topics of his talks are as follows:

*Linguistics lecture*
Date: Mon. Mar. 11
Time: 4:00-5:30 pm
Location: 100 St. Patrick’s Building
Topic: The acquisition constraint on languages, which accounts for
canonical forms and certain alleged linguistic universals, e.g. the EPP.

*Psychology lecture*
Date: Tues. Mar. 12
Time: TBD
Location: 2017 Dunton Tower
Topic: Familial handedness and genetics of neurology of language and music.

*Cognitive Science lecture*
Date: Wed. Mar. 13
Time: 3:00-4:30 pm
Location: 238 Tory Building
Topic: The golden mean and depth perception

*Interdisciplinary lecture for a general audience*
Date: Thurs. Mar. 14
Time: 3:00-4:30 pm
Location: 180 University Centre
Topic: Linguistic universals, combining aspects of each of the three
previous talks.

Talks and presentations

Here is a list of talks and presentations for this semester:

January 28:  Jamie White, Title: TBA, 2:30 – 4, Arts 509.

February 1:  Robin Dodsworth, Title: TBA, 11:30 – 1, Arts 509.

February 4:  Rebecca Morley, Title: TBA, 2:30 – 4, Arts 509.

February 8:  Ewan Dunbar, Title: TBA, 11:30 – 1, Arts 509.

March 22:  David-Etienne Bouchard (to be confirmed)

April 5:  Krista Byers-Heinlein, “Building two lexicons from scratch: The case of bilingual infants”, 2:30, Arts 509.

Stay tuned for further details!

Syntax-Semantics Reading Group Schedule

The schedule for the next few meetings of the Syntax-Semantics reading group looks like this:

February 1: Presentations by  Saleh AlQahtani and Tharanga Weerasooriya.

February 18: Presentations by Saleh AlQahtani and Nicté Fuller Medina.

March 8: Presentations by Ewelina Frackowiak and Brandon Fry.

The meetings take place at 10 am in Arts 523. Please contact Rob Truswell if you would like to present or just have more information. Everyone is welcome!