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Book: Acoustics in Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences: An Introduction

Ian MacKay recently published a new textbook entitled “Acoustics in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences: An Introduction“. The book focuses on understanding of acoustics in the context of human communications through examples and analogies from everyday life or general experience.

R-workshop March 12th

A workshop on R (free stats program) was held by Rob, Jamie and Lyra on March 12th. It was very well attended – with approximately 10 people (+ presenters). During the workshop, they covered basic graphs and descriptive statistics, mixed effects models, and integration of R with LaTeX.

Tech corner

Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to the UofO has been simplified (for some). Should you need secure access to private/secured web/network services which includes HR, Library, RDC and some Research servers, you need to ‘VPN’ into the campus (from, virtually, anywhere). The various flavours of Windows (including 8.x) still use the installed client approach but due to built-in Cisco VPN support Mac OSX and iOS users can make use of the more efficient ‘Profile’ method of configuration and connection.


You can get the required software or profiles here: http://www.uottawa.ca/support/en/software/vpn-client.html Regardless of OS, follow the configuration steps and you are set. Note that pre-10.6 OSX users still require the Cisco client (no longer functional moving forward).  Instructions are also provided for our ‘Nux-based friends.


M. Belanger

Proposed new field research course

The linguistics department, with the Faculty of Arts’ enthusiastic support, is pushing to approve our first summer course in field linguistics! The course, provisionally called LIN4973 “Field Research”, aims to take a small number of students to the field in the summer of 2014, to learn the methodologies of collaborative linguistic fieldwork in the setting of an small community of speakers of Mebengokre, a Jê language of the Brazilian Amazon with which Andrés has worked for over a decade. In future years, the course aims to capitalize on our established fieldwork contacts in Canada and beyond. More details of what we hope to offer here.

LaTeX tutorial January 22nd: report

Joe Roy and Rob Truswell ran a LaTeX tutorial on Monday 22nd for approximately 15 graduate students. It was a great success, and LaTeX was learned. Rob held a second tutorial on January 28th for those unable to attend the first. So, if you still do not know LaTeX, it is NOT their fault.